Hairstyle: Lily Collins opts for a very Parisian high bun

Published on October 12, 2022 at 11:37 am

Lily Collins

Lily Collins – ©Shooting Star/SPUS/ABACA

At an event in Los Angeles, the actress appeared with a romantic bun worthy of a Parisian it-girl.

Lily Collins is a true beauty inspiration. Indeed, the actress of the series ” Emily in Paris ” combines beauty enhancements and ultra-trendy hairstyles. Recently, the 33-year-old woman caused a stir by opting for a straight bangs very Frenchie which will serve as a new look for her character of Emily Cooper in season 3 of the hit series. And during a party in Los Angeles last weekend, the star appeared with a hairstyle largely inspired by the hair style of French women: a romantic high bun. Styled by the famous hairdresser Gregory Russell, Lily Collins was simply radiant.

©Kirkland Scott/SPUS/ABACA

How to adopt the Parisian chignon of Lily Collins?

A safe bet among the countless trendy hairstyles of the moment, the hair bun goes through the ages without a hitch. Placed on the top of the skull, the one adopted by Lily Collins is highlighted by straight bangs and ultra-shiny hair. While this high bun may be fine on an ordinary day, it also looks very chic when paired with a pair of earrings, a flawless complexion, a dewy mouth and doe eyes. An inspiration to keep aside for the end of year celebrations which are fast approaching.

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