Hairstyle 2023: trendy haircuts of the year

Published on December 15, 2022 at 3:40 p.m.

Hairstyle 2023: trendy haircuts of the year – © Instagram

What haircut to wear this year? Discover the hairstyle trends of 2023.

New year, new cut? Why not celebrate the year 2023 as it should be, that is to say by changing your hairstyle? But it’s not always easy to know what to bet on after a year 2022 rich in voluminous brushing of the 90s and mid-length hair… We take stock of the most popular hair trends of the moment.

What haircut 2023 to wear?

  • If the Bowl cut popular for several seasons, it is on the shaggy bowl that we will have to bet this year. A rather long bowl (almost like Lady Di’s mushroom) and styled shag, in other words unstructured. We love it on curly hair! A stylish cut for the most daring who want a characterful look. Something to give a lot of style to each of your outfits.
  • The ultra short. Preview on the catwalks and on certain celebrities like Emma Watson, the short haircut has good days ahead. It is worn almost flush and is particularly recommended for oval face shapes.
  • The curved gradient. Because in 2023, it’s all or nothing, fashion will be short or long. For those who want to grow out their hair, it’s time to adopt the fade that we left in the late 90s / early 2000s. Think Jennifer Anniston in “Friends” or Eva Longoria in “Desperate Housewives and there you have it: multiple lengths with smooth styling but ends that curve. A perfect cut to give movement to long hair whatever its nature.

What trendy hairstyle in 2023?

  • School girl hair. On the hairstyle side, we adopt the Blair Waldorf schoolgirl style. Decorate your hair with barrettes classic, beret or headband, all with a parting on the side of course. You guessed it, it’s the success of the “Emily in Paris” series that has a lot to do with the return of this regressive trend.
  • The high bun. Nobody saw him come back and yet the bun that we wore low for a few years is gaining height. If it is not yet a question of a donut bun like in the early 2010s, we adopt it with a parting in the middle and slicked back hair.
  • The two braids. We don’t owe this hairstyle to a fashion icon, but to Wednesday Addams, played by Jennifer Ortega in the Netflix show, which was a hit at the end of 2022. After borrowing her her gothic aesthetic in fashion looks, we steal her emblematic hairstyle: two braids on the side. Easy to reproduce but terribly underpriced because they immediately have their effect… on those who dare to wear them!

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