Hair: Zendaya opts for the most fashionable square of 2023

Published on December 22, 2022 at 11:16 am


Zendaya – ©Vianney Le Caer/AP/SIPA

Spotted in Los Angeles for a “Euphoria” event, the famous actress caused a stir with a new haircut that promises to make a splash in 2023.

Zendaya is a real hair chameleon. She displays a short haircut or long hair, the actress makes everyone agree. Recently, the pretty brunette caused a sensation in Los Angeles during an event dedicated to the series ” Euphoria “. Dressed in a Schiaparelli ensemble and a pair of patent leather pumps by Christian Louboutin, the actress mesmerized photographers. And to accentuate her sophisticated look, Zendaya said goodbye to her long curly hair in favor of an elegant and pile short cut in the 2023 trend.

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One cut, a thousand possibilities

To start the change of year, Zendaya opted for one of the key cuts of 2023: the square at the chin. Perfect for highlighting the face, this ultra-trendy haircut brings volume to the hair and can be modulated as desired. If the interpreter of “Rue” in the series “Euphoria” has opted for a voluminous brushing and a parting on the side, it is quite possible to display this cut on smooth hair, wavy or curled, and position the parting wherever we want. The only watchword to adopt the square brilliantly? To please yourself.

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