Hair: the 5-second rule to rinse it (very) well

Published on June 06, 2022 at 11:44 am

Hair: the 5-second rule to rinse it (very) well

Hair: the 5-second rule to rinse it (very) well – ©Frederic Cirou/Getty Images

To display clean and shiny hair, devoting time to rinsing is essential. Here’s how to optimize this step as much as possible.

Taking care of your hair is almost as important as taking care of your skin. If we now know how wash your hair wellthem mistakes to avoid so as not to grease them and the harms of air drying, there is no question of neglecting rinsing. Fundamental to displaying a dreamy mane, this step is also subject to a few rules. If rinsing depends on the amount of hair, its length and thickness, there is a rule of thumb to be sure to rinse it in the best way possible. “I always say rinse until you can run your hand through your hair and there’s no trace of conditioner. And when you’re there, keep rinsing for five more seconds to be sure you don’t leave any residue, ”says hair stylist Maria Baras, interviewed by the Spanish version of “Vogue”.

Rinsing with cold water: the ally of shiny hair

To display an ultra-shiny mane, the specialist also recommends rinsing your hair with cold water as often as possible. “The cold closes the cuticle and mimics the effect of a massage on the scalp,” she adds. If this step can be dreaded when the temperatures are at half mast, we take advantage of the summer to adopt this new routine guaranteed to be 100% effective.

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