Hair: the 5.5 cm rule to know what length to adopt

Published on December 13, 2022 at 11:06

Hair: the 5.5 cm rule to know what length to adopt

Hair: the 5.5 cm rule to know what length to adopt – ©Deagreez/iStock

Short or long hair: many of us have already asked ourselves the question. According to professionals, the 5.5 cm ruler would be the ideal way to make the right choice. Explanations.

With the constant appearance of new hair trends, many people want to experiment with different haircuts. boyish cut, long square or XXL lengths, it is not always obvious which look would suit us best. If the face shape and the nature of the hair are inevitably factors to take into account before changing your head, a very simple mathematical formula would also make it possible to make the right choice. Created by the experts of the hair care line John Frieda, this calculation rule based on the proportions of the jawbone can be done at home in front of a mirror.


How does the 5.5 centimeter rule work?

To find out which length of hair is the most flattering for your face, take a ruler and a pencil and stand in front of a mirror. Take the pencil and place it horizontally under the chin. Then place the ruler vertically under the earlobe. The math then comes into play: you just need to measure the distance between the earlobe and the pencil: if it is less than 5.5 centimeters, short haircuts are for you. On the other hand, if it is more than 5.5 centimeters, prefer long hair. Of course, you remain the one and only master of the situation. But if in doubt, this little trick could well tip the scales.

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