Hair removal: how to have a well-shaved skin?

Updated on August 05, 2022 at 2:29 p.m.

How to have perfectly shaved skin all summer long?

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Every summer, some are looking for long-lasting hair removal. We may go through the beautician box before the holidays, nothing to do, the hairs come back tirelessly. Here are some tips to remedy this and have soft, shaved skin for longer.

The right reflexes before hair removal

To prevent too rapid regrowth of hair, it is advisable to follow a few basic principles such as not epilating within an hour of a shower or a bath because waterlogged skin is more sensitive and therefore would make the more painful hair removal. It is advisable to put talc on the armpits and bikini line to remove perspiration and prevent the skin from pulling. Finally, a body scrub is essential. It removes dead skin cells, removes more hair and above all prevents ingrown hairs. Exfoliation is done by rubbing the skin in circular motions once or twice a week either with a loofah, or using a cosmetic product adapted to the sensitivity of the skin. We also avoid waxing before exposure to the sun or going to the beach because salt irritates the skin and promotes the appearance of redheads – or strawberry skin – during hair removal. It is also important to apply a moisturizing milk daily to promote hair removal and prevent incarnation.

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Waxing, ideal for perfectionists

For those who want a perfect result without too much hassle, waxing is the best solution. Here are three methods:

Stripless Wax is incredibly effective. Simply heat the pot of wax in the microwave and apply the wax with a spatula. It takes a certain know-how to put it on but the result is almost perfect and the hairs are eliminated for about three weeks or even a month.

cold wax strips are a simpler method because there is no need to know how to dispose of the wax with a spatula. The strips are placed directly on the part of the body that you want to wax. The result is the same as using heated wax and the skin remains soft for four weeks. This is the best method for those with sensitive skin.

Oriental hair removal is also very effective. The sugar wax is applied warm and removed by hand The wax is 100% natural, made of sugar, lemon juice and water. This method makes it possible to delay the regrowth of the hair and to soften it. It leaves the skin soft, without ingrown hairs.

The plus: with this method, the root of the hair is pulled out and the result is excellent. Our skin is soft for a long time. For comforters, there are even menthol wipes, cold effect to anesthetize sensitive parts and reduce pain. The least: it’s quite long, sometimes painful and can quickly turn into a tragedy if you do it wrong.

Depilatory cream, perfect for the cozy

The hair remover is perfect for comforters. We do not tear the hair at the root but we cut it on the surface. As a result, regrowth is much faster: count about four days of tranquility. It is advisable to adapt the depilatory cream to your skin type, sensitive or not, because the cream has the effect of weakening the epidermis.

The plus: we spend a quiet week well shaved without having suffered. The least: the hair grows back very quickly and in an anarchic way.

The electric epilator, for adventurers

The epilator is considered the vacationer’s best friend. Practical, it slips everywhere. On the other hand, if the epilator pulls out the hair, it does not remove the bulb like wax, so the hairs grow back a little faster.

The plus: you have soft skin for two to three weeks, the time of a stay and that’s the main thing. The least: there is a risk of an anarchic hair regrowth and can be as painful as a poorly done waxing.

Laser hair removal or pulsed light, for high-tech

L’permanent hair removal is always possible even if it is not recommended during the summer because it is necessary to protect yourself from the sun in the weeks preceding hair removal but also after a session. Tanned skin is not suitable for the method. It is best to start the treatment in winter to be perfectly depilated for several summers.

The plus: hair regrowth is completely stopped for several years. The least: it’s expensive, long and laser hair removal works best on fair skin with brown hair.

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The right gestures after hair removal

After depilation, it is advisable to let a day pass before exposing yourself to the sun and to use sunscreen on the depilated areas to avoid stains. It is necessary to continue the scrubs at most once a week for the time of cell renewal. Above all, do not use water or alcohol to remove wax residue but always use moisturizing wipes. You can use a skullcap root product that slightly delays hair regrowth.

Thanks to Charlotte Dulphy, beautician at Yves Rocher and Séverine Guiset, product manager at Nair.

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