Hair loss: this Poméol cure activates hair growth and intensifies volume from 90 days

Published on December 05, 2022 at 11:50 am

Hair loss: this Poméol cure activates hair growth and intensifies volume from 90 days


Rich in plant active ingredients, this treatment made in Aix-en-Provence offers up to 5 capillary benefits and transforms the hair from 90 days.

Change of season, stress, hormonal disorders or fatigue, a very large number of factors can lead to the loss and breakage of your hair, and ultimately make it more fragile and less thick. If it is important to take care of your hair and pamper your scalp throughout the year to counter the harmful effects of external aggressions and thus limit the hair loss in the fall, it is also possible to give yourself a few nudges in the form of a cure, which will help your mane to grow faster, more beautiful and thicker.

Proposed by the French brand Poméol, this treatment with 5 hair benefits based on plant active ingredients not only affects the beauty of the hair, but also its health. Focus on a cure to shop absolutely.

Composed of a fortifying beautifying spray and extra-strong food supplements enriched with 18 plant-based active ingredients, this Pomeol cure acts both internally and externally and finds its strength in a key active ingredient: B-Capipeline® from Pomotherapy, extracted from the skin of immature apples harvested by hand between July and August, which acts directly on the micro-circulation of the scalp and on hair growth.

Complete, ingenious and intensive, this 2-in-1 treatment activates hair growth, but also makes it stronger, thicker and less brittle, thanks to a healthy formulation with proven efficacy, rich in ginkgo biloba, vitamin B3, zinc and keratin to name but a few.

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Capable of reducing hair loss by up to 55% in just 90 days, the Poméol cure also makes it softer, shinier and deeply nourished, for a harmonious result in just a few weeks. A veritable duo of superheroes, the multi-regenerating spray fortifies, restructures and restores the hair fibre, and is used twice a day directly on the scalp, while a single capsule each morning of food supplements limits breakage , and promotes hair growth and regeneration. Day after day, the hair is more voluminous, more resistant, radiant with vitality and visibly longer, protected from external aggressions.

Recommended over 3 months to optimize its effectiveness, the Poméol cure can however offer visible results from the first month.

Poméol Anti-Hair Loss and Hair Growth Cure, €39.90

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