Hair cycling: the hair routine for healthy hair

Published on December 29, 2022 at 11:23 am

Hair cycling: the hair routine for healthy hair

Hair cycling: the hair routine for healthy hair – ©instagram @sarasampaio

After “skin cycling”, it is the turn of “hair cycling” to be talked about on the networks. The principle ? Plan your hair routine according to a very specific cycle. Explanations.

If the ” skin cycling » has already been talked about this summer, it is now up to « hair cycling » to invite itself into the routine of beautystats. Like the care ritual for the skin, the one for the hair consists of alternating different hair care products to cover all the needs of the hair. Popularized by content creator @kelseygriffinn on TikTok, this treatment technique straight from Japan is attracting more and more followers.


please sound off in the comments because I want to know if this is a thing and/or makes any sense

♬ original sound – kelsey griffin

In concrete terms, how does that work ?

If we follow @kelseygriffinn’s method, each wash should fill a different need. At first, it is possible to start with a scalp purification routine by focusing on a scrub, a resurfacing shampoo and a moisturizer. A few days later, during the second wash, we favor restorative treatments that will allow the hair to “rest”. Finally, the third wash allows you to target a very specific need such as the supply of volume or smoothing frizz. Once these three steps have been scrupulously respected, all that remains is to start all over again from the beginning. The only watchword? Choose the right care according to the nature of your hair.

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