Guide to becoming a driver / delivery person

The profession of delivery driver is in high demand by recruiters, in particular thanks to the “uberization” of many economic sectors. However, to perform this activity safely, certain conditions must be respected. Discover some tips to help you become a delivery driver.

The qualities required to become a driver / delivery person

No diploma is in principle required to exercise the activity of delivery driver. However, it is necessary to have a B license or a license that corresponds to the vehicle used for your activity. For this purpose, it is essential to pass the code and pass this exam. For this, the future delivery driver must pass a theoretical exam, but also a practical exam which will determine his driving skills.

If you work for a delivery company, your employer or principal may require a driving license with a minimum of 2 years’ experience. To become a delivery driver, you must, in addition to being an excellent driver, also possess certain specific qualities, namely:

  • great listening skills;
  • a sense of organization and very high punctuality;
  • a good sense of direction;
  • compliance with hygiene rules;
  • interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team;
  • good autonomy, etc.

Beyond these intrinsic qualities, some recruiters also require good professional experience in the sector.

Training to become a delivery driver

To become a delivery driver, obtaining a license is sometimes not enough. It is indeed necessary to follow a suitable training. Among the training courses that allow you to start working as a delivery driver, we can mention the delivery driver CAP and the Goods driver professional training certificate.

Added to this, a vocational baccalaureate driver road transport of goods, also allows to exercise this activity in peace. There are also many training courses that allow you to work as a delivery driver.

Become a self-employed delivery driver: the steps to take

It is also possible to carry out the activity of delivery driver for your own account. For this, it is essential to respect certain conditions. Indeed, you must first fill out a specific form which allows you to declare the start of activity as a self-employed delivery driver.

This document must be sent to the competent CFE (Centre de formalité des entreprises), accompanied by the supporting documents. This includes, among other things, a copy of your identity document, a declaration of non-conviction and proof of address. Once the form has been duly completed and submitted to the CFE, you must also take out civil liability insurance.

This cover provides protection against the risks inherent in the activity of delivery driver (accident, damage caused to third parties, damage to certain goods, etc.). Finally, the last step in this procedure remains the declaration of your activity to the National Register of Carriers. Any creation of companies whose main activity is the road transport of goods must in fact be registered in the National Register of Carriers.

Study the different delivery methods

To get your delivery driver business off to a good start, it is also important to determine the delivery method for your customers. Whether by car or truck, this study allows you to quantify the initial investments necessary to launch your activity. This determines, for example, the type of license you will have to pass before driving.

Speaking of permits, know that a learner driver must avoid making more than 5 faults during his tests to hope to obtain this precious sesame. Beyond knowing the type of driver’s license you’ll need to pass, determining your delivery method also helps you know your future expenses. You will indeed have an idea of ​​the amount of insurance for your vehicle, the purchase of gasoline, the rental of parking, the costs of technical control…

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