Gold Jewelry – Add Style With Different Colors of Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is an essential statement piece in any fine jewelry wardrobe. It can add exactly the right accent to any outfit and comes in many styles, textures and colors to ensure that you can find exactly what works for your personal style.

One of the most popular ways of wearing gold jewelry is the curb link necklace or bracelet. The huge gold chains with links the size of fencing may work for tough guys, but these are not fashion pieces. Generally the link size of jewelry staple pieces should be measured in millimeters and although men can wear chunkier chains than women, in general this is a style decision. Women might wear larger links if the links are still delicate.

Textures make a difference in the style of gold chains. The classic herringbone chain gives the look of links, yet lies flat around the neck or wrist and works well with many clothing styles. Fancy embossed gold pieces tend to be work better with plain styles and un-patterned clothing so that the design is visible.

Playing with color is a smart way to add gold chains to your jewelry wardrobe. Common gold colors are yellow, white and rose gold, although these can be mixed into two tone and three color gold pieces.

The color tone of the gold is best coordinated with the skin tones of the wearer. Women with dark hair, blue undertone skin and “winter” or “summer” color preferences look best with white gold jewelry. Women with fairer or reddish hair, yellow skin undertones and “spring” or “fall” color preferences look good wearing yellow or rose gold.

However, playing with color is a smart way to add gold jewelry to your jewelry wardrobe. Why not enjoy the best of color mixes? Choosing a two color yellow and white gold chain gives this necklace a double life, working well with other silver or gold accessories. Gold maximizes the flexibility of your jewelry by choosing a tri color piece. The blend of yellow, rose and white gold looks good on any skin tone.

Less common color choices are green and black gold. Green gold is made from 75% gold and 25% silver. This mixture creates a yellow-green appearance that looks wonderful on “spring” and “fall” women! Black gold comes from a mix of gold with black rhodium or carbon and looks good on “summer” and “winter” women.

Do not worry if you cannot choose from all these different colors! You do not have to. Mixing and matching gold colors on different pieces of jewelry is very fashionable, and so long as you keep the styles, sizes and tones of the pieces complementary to your look, you will appear stylish!

Source by Elizabeth Henderson

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