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The gold bank card differs from conventional bank cards in that it offers its holder many additional services in addition to being an excellent means of payment. Access to it is dependent on your level of monthly income, which is defined by the banking establishments, which establish ranges in which your monthly income must fall in order to be able to obtain a gold card.
Although the annual fee for the gold card higher, in the long run, this card can save you money – provided you use the card’s benefits correctly and know how to avoid additional charges. For this, it is particularly important that the services offered by the gold card correspond to the needs of the owner. These services are diverse and usually include travel insurance and specific services such as promotions, point program discounts or bonuses.

A gold card can be a good choice, especially for frequent travelers, because you can benefit from specific services such as access to exclusive hotels, access to the VIP area of ​​airports or higher payment limits. The exact typology of the different services will vary depending on the bank issuing the card in question. Find out below how the gold card works and what its advantages are.

What are the requirements for obtaining a gold card?

The requirements that those interested in a gold card have to meet hardly differ from the requirements for a standard bank card, and this despite the additional services and the higher payment limit.

Generally, people interested in a gold card should:

  • Have a place of residence in France
  • To be of age
  • Justify a regular income, generally above on average €1600 or €1800 per month depending on the card
  • Not to be filed by the bank of France.

Please note that just because one person can get a gold card does not necessarily mean that gold cards are the right choice for everyone. The higher costs of this card are only worth it if the cardholder regularly uses the card’s ancillary services and pays frequently with their card. Otherwise, it is best to consider using a standard bank card.

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How do you know if the gold card is for you?

There is a wide range of gold cards with different combinations of services so that anyone interested can find a card that suits their personal needs. In general, it can be said that a gold card is particularly suitable for people who want to use their card regularly and frequently. A gold card is also an excellent choice for business travelers and individuals who travel frequently as many gold card services are ideal for use abroad.

If you plan to use your gold card infrequently and will use it primarily for ATM cash withdrawals or regular payments, then a gold card may not be right for you and you’re better off avoiding high fees and rather use a classic bank card.

Could a gold card be right for you? To find out, assess your needs and whether the card’s services can bring you benefits.

The advantages of a gold card are:

Travel insurance

Many gold cards offer insurance that protects cardholders on the go. Some gold cards offer traveler health insurance, trip cancellation insurance or even baggage insurance. It should be noted that in general the insurance only takes effect on the condition that you have paid for the services with the gold card. It is also important that you pay attention to the fine print when it comes to insurance benefits, as these can vary greatly depending on the gold card. In the case of trip cancellation insurance, for example, it may be decisive that you use your gold credit card as the means of payment for the purchase because the insurance may not apply if an alternative payment method is used.

Car insurance for rental cars

The rental car insurance included in some gold cards is another advantage for people who like to travel a lot. Liability insurance covers damage to the rental car, while comprehensive insurance covers all damage to the rental car. In order to be protected in the event of legal proceedings following an accident, certain gold cards include legal protection insurance for rental cars. Beyond rental car insurance, gold cards offer a wide range of insurances that offer their owners protection in different areas of life (purchase insurance, medical assistance or repatriation, etc.)

Higher payment limits

Gold cards have a much higher payment limit than other standard bank cards. This gives the opportunity to pay larger amounts at once and gain greater financial freedom. The monthly gold card withdrawal limit in France for most banks varies between €2,000 and €8,000, but this limit can be increased over time. Not only can you customize the standard payment limits to suit your personal situation, but you can also pay by immediate or deferred debit, and take out credit and choose to repay it at your own pace.

Discounts and bonuses

Banks cooperate with various partners to offer discounts and points programs. Gold cards can thus offer discounts on fuel and travel or point systems in which gold cardholders receive points for payments they have made. These people can then redeem the accumulated points for rewards.

Special services

Like other premium credit cards, gold cards also offer a range of services that make everyday life easier for cardholders. For example, holders of certain gold cards can benefit from free access to travel lounges. A special service can also include a 24-hour hotline, where you can clarify questions about your credit card around the clock. Or, if you need money, you can use any bank to withdraw money and you will not pay any fees.

The final word

The gold card is a premium product that comes in a wide variety of forms, meeting the needs and incomes of every consumer. Many banks in France offer this card and each of them offers different advantages and rewards to its customers. What all of these cards have in common, regardless of the issuing bank, is that consumers can use them in any payment system, regardless of country.

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