Getting botox injected into the feet, the trend that is gaining momentum

Posted on November 18, 2022 at 11:33 a.m.

Getting botox injected into the feet, the trend that is gaining momentum

Getting botox injected into your feet is a growing trend – ©bymuratdeniz/iStock

According to dermatologists and aesthetic doctors, the number of patients wishing to have botox injected into their feet is constantly increasing. Explanations.

Known above all for delaying the effects of time on the face, the botox (or botulinum toxin) is actually a drug in its own right. Since 1975, doctors have been using it to treat children’s strabismus, facial tics and uncontrollable blinking of the eye thanks to its action capable of reducing muscle contraction. Over time, its use has become more democratic and more and more patients have turned to Botox to treat other pathologies such ashyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) on ​​the palm of the hand or under the armpits. But since the end of the pandemic, an unconventional trend has appeared among professionals in the sector: the injection of botox into the feet.

What is it about ?

After months of restrictions where slippers and socks squatted on the feet of the confined, the end of the pandemic marked the return of the festivities and of course the wearing of high heels. “Strange as it may seem, two years of Covid have left many of us in even greater agony over the brutal return of high heels,” dermatologist Dr Ava Shamban told ‘Fashionista’ magazine. “The weight of the body is distributed more evenly in flats, while all the pressure is pushed towards the front of the foot in a heel,” she adds. To thus avoid the plantar pain, more and more patients are going to the office to have the famous toxin injected into the arch of the foot. Indeed, the neuromodulator present in Botox made it possible to paralyze the muscles of the heel bone, causing the inactivity of the neurotransmitter which modulates pain. An effective alternative for those who have sworn loyalty to their stilettos.

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