For or against: discolored eyebrows

For a few years, we have seen them appear on the catwalks of fashion shows – in particular those of Marc Jacobs. But during Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Week, which ended in early October, they were on everyone’s lips: bleached eyebrows. A daring trend on which we would not necessarily have bet… Until we see Bella Hadid. The star model has been appearing for a few weeks with new blond eyebrows that have caused a lot of ink to flow in the fashion world. Besides the it-girl, a plethora of stylish celebrities, from Lady Gaga to Kim Kardashian via Kylie Jenner have adopted this audacious trend. How can we change our minds? The writing of “ELLE” is divided.

Against discolored eyebrows by Maylis Casse, journalist

I know they’re everywhere right now, but to me that’s a definite no. Why ? Quite simply because discolored eyebrows give a sick look, especially when one is brunette, in addition to transforming the face. Once the mischief has been accomplished, you have to be a real make-up (and contouring) pro to manage to structure your face again. Even my ultimate beauty icon, I named Bella Hadid, couldn’t change my mind when she embraced the trend. That’s to say! On some people, I even have the impression that the eyebrows have disappeared as they are clear. As if there weren’t enough reasons not to take the plunge: discolored eyebrows (like hair) require special care. Honestly… Who has the time to take care of their eyebrows that much? One thing is certain: I will pass my turn for the movement ” bleached brows “.

For discolored eyebrows by Caroline Siavy, beauty section manager

The thick, brown eyebrows à la Cara Delevingne, It’s finish ? What good news ! Since high school, I have lived with the complex of having blond and thin eyebrows. And believe me, I tried everything to get into the trend: semi-permanent make-up that left red marks on me for months, hair dye once a month… But it’s clear that I couldn’t change the nature of my eyebrows. So when the stars started reviving the Pamela Anderson-style thin eyebrow in the 90s, I must admit, part of me felt relieved. With discolored eyebrows, it’s a bit the same. I felt a certain consolation knowing that I was finally going to be able to stop darkening them every morning in pencil. Bella Hadid wears them with style and modernity and if I am not ready to have them so clear, I am delighted to tell myself that I will finally be able to leave them natural.

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