Fall-winter 2022-2023 hairstyle: trendy cuts this season

Updated on September 14, 2022 at 10:49 a.m.

Hairstyle fall-winter 2022-2023 – © Imaxtree

Who says change of season says change of look. What if we adopted a new hairstyle for the fall-winter season? We decipher the latest trends with Gianni Coppa, hairdresser and founder of the R’Factory salon in Paris.

Trend #1 = We want curls

Lately, straight hair has been everywhere, but for the fall-winter season, curls are back. After the triumph of wavy, XXL lengths without waves seemed to be in the sights of all beautistas. Until this new trend launched by Hailey Bieber which reveals waves, falsely neglected, almost natural. “On long hair or on short hair, this season we sublimate your natural curl whether it is curly, wavy or wavy”, informs us Gianni Coppa.

Trend n°2 = The ABBA cut

After the success of the 90s, place to the triumph of the seventies. In the viewfinder of the girls in the wind? The ABBA cut. “This cut is very 70’s, long and very degraded. We also add a puffy and lustrous fringe as seen on Clara Luciani”, specifies our expert. The little extra thing? Full-volume styling like the Farrah Fawcet-style flip blow-dryt that never ceases to seduce.

Trend n°3 = The tapered fringe

Big return of this season, the wispy bangs is on all fronts. Halfway between straight bangs and curtain bangs, this version is the fall trend. The little extra? It camouflages perfectly with the rest of the hair when the urge takes us to clear our face. Another trend: the fringe on the side. Adopted by Emrata or Dua Lipa, this vestige version of our adolescence is making a real comeback.

Trend n°4 = Sophisticated glamor

Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé… They all embrace sophisticated glamour. Kesako? This voluminous hairstyle stands out thanks to its large, very circular curls. To achieve it, you take out your grandmother’s gear like curlers for styling with large rollers. The trick? Apply hairspray and brush her hair to achieve that ultra-desirable glamorous effect.

Trend n°5 = The boyish cut

Unbeatable, the boyish cut This season will want to be “fairly short on the sides, without showing the scalp, while tapering and the top longer to keep this feminine side”.

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