Facial gym: the good and the bad gestures for a radiance boost

To smooth the neck

THE DO Cleansed face, place hands (very clean) flat on neck, arms horizontally and, with fingertips, smooth with movements from the middle of the neck outwards. The first at the base of the neck, the second in the middle, and the third under the chin, going to the temples. The hand should be firm and the skin should be felt to stretch outward.

THE DON’T We avoid the caress effect or too fast movements, because, in one as in the other case, we do not pull enough on the skin for it to be smoothed. Also banish, so as not to wrinkle the skin, pinching movements of the neck in all directions.

To plump the oval of the face

THE DO With both hands and starting from the chin to go towards the temples, along the jaw, we pinch the skin with the second phalanx of the index finger and the thumb. This gesture stimulates the cells which manufacture the fibers of elastin and collagen, and frame our face. The gesture must be quiet.

THE DON’T Above all, do not pinch too hard to avoid bruises. And be sure to make an upward pinch that lifts the skin, and not a downward pinch which would obviously be counterproductive.

To erase wrinkles

THE DO We thwart them, that is to say we pinch perpendicular to the wrinkle. So we pinch lion’s wrinkle and those of the nasolabial folds horizontally, and of the crow’s feet vertically.

THE DON’T Pinching the wrinkle, in its direction, which will only accentuate it.

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To smooth bags under the eyes

THE DO We put our index finger near the outer edge of the eye, to maintain the skin, then, with the other index finger, we pass the finger under the eye, starting from the outside towards the inside of the eye, then we go back down the nose. In doing so, we follow the lymphatic path, which allows the lymph to circulate again.

THE DON’T Avoid the almost instinctive gesture of wanting to smooth from the inside out. It just moves the pocketand even risks amplifying it.

Thanks to Claire Martichoux, founder of the Les Petits Soins institutes, and specialist in kineplasty, a complete, anti-aging and firming facial treatment, developed by Françoise Morice.

To firm the neck and jawline

THE DO Sitting upright, turn your head to one side, tilting it slightly backwards, and stick out your tongue as if you wanted to touch the tip of your nose. We stay like this for a few breaths, and we alternate with the other side.

THE DON’T If, by sticking out the tongue, this gesture hollows the neck too much, you replace it with a gentler exercise: you place your right fist under your chin, your elbow on the table, and you press your fist under your chin. At the same time, the mouth is opened to create pressure that strengthens the neck muscle, and to prevent the latter from becoming hollow, the neck is held with the other hand.

To strengthen the upper eyelids

THE DO Place the tip of the index finger on the closed eyelid. While inhaling, we gently lift the eyelid knowing that the finger exerts a gentle resistance, and we release while exhaling.

THE DON’T Wrinkle the forehead when lifting the eyelid. If this is the case, one puts one’s hand flat on the eyebrow and the forehead to immobilize them.

To tone the cheeks

THE DO Inflate one cheek until you feel resistance on one side. And we alternate one cheek then the other.

THE DON’T If this gesture creates folds around the lips, one inflates the two cheeks by placing one hand against the lips. With the other hand, very flat, tap on one cheek, then on the other, without deflating them. This boosts blood circulation and awakens the fibroblasts, the skin’s support cells.

Thanks to Nadège Lanvin, author of “My yoga of the face over the seasons and ages” (ed. Larousse) and founder of the Yoga & Co yoga center.

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