Face: this amazing way of using micellar water is driving the web crazy

Published on October 28, 2022 at 10:44 am

Face: this amazing way of using micellar water panics the Web

Face: this amazing way of using micellar water panics the Web – ©deniskomarov/iStock

To rid the skin of make-up and impurities accumulated throughout the day, beauty addicts have highlighted a rather special way of using micellar water. Explanations.

We can never repeat it enough: the facial cleansing is a step that should not be overlooked. Indeed, to allow the skin to breathe and renew itself, it is imperative to rid it of all impurities before going to bed. For this, many women prefer themicellar water, renowned for its ease of use and formidable efficiency. Originally designed to quickly eliminate models’ makeovers during the frenetic pace of Fashion Week shows, this micelle-based lotion has made a name for itself in our daily skincare routines. While it’s usually used with a cotton pad, some beauty junkies have come up with another way to use this famous cleanser.

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Use micellar water with your fingers

In a TikTok video with nearly 800,000 views, content creator @sbeautyxxx shows how she removes her makeup without cotton. The young woman fills a spray bottle with Garnier micellar water and sprays it all over her face until it is soaked. She then waits a few moments to allow the product to act, then uses her fingers to remove makeup and impurities. “Since using this trick, cleaning is 10 times faster and easier,” reads one of the many comments. More economical and less irritating to the skin than the combination of micellar water and cotton, this trick seems to be a good alternative for those who wish to continue using micellar water without risking redness and itching.

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