Everything you need to know about Brazilian bikini hair removal, women’s favorite hair removal

Updated on August 03, 2022 at 6:33 p.m.

The Brazilian bikini: women's favorite hair removal

The Brazilian bikini: women’s favorite hair removal – © Luna Joulia

Classic swimsuit, high-cut swimsuit or full swimsuit… so many hair removal methods and ways to dress (or not) your pubis. One of them, however, wins first place: the Brazilian jersey. Zoom on this hair removal technique.

According to Bouchra Frikech, beautician, the Brazilian jersey is indeed the most requested shape. And this for all ages. “Even though I have clients aged 18 and 60 who choose thefull epilation and others who prefer to remove only the bare minimum, the vast majority of my clients, regardless of age, opt for Brazilian bikini waxing. »

What is the Brazilian jersey?

In fact, the Brazilian swimsuit was born when thongs and tangas became essential pieces of the female lingerie. Hence its name. Reference to the sublime cariocas wandering the streets of Rio with only assets a thong and a few feathers. With us, it’s less exotic, but in practice the principle is the same. Halfway between the notched Jersey and the integral swimsuit, the Brazilian swimsuit is the ideal alternative for those who are worried about seeing a hair appear outside the swimsuit in summer. A method that is very often carried out with wax in an institute.

How to wax the Brazilian jersey?

Prepare your skin well

Before each epilation, it is important to prepare your skin. For this, we exfoliate the jersey the day before and we do not forget to hydrate well. Thus, we prevent the risk of the appearance of ingrown hairs.

The choice of technique

While it is tempting to resort to painless techniques, such asrazor hair removal or at the hair remover, it is not recommended to use these methods for a sensitive area such as the bikini line. In addition to the significant risk of cuts, the razor promotes the appearance of ingrown hairs and itching during regrowth. The cream, on the other hand, can cause irritation of the mucous membranes and inflammation. We also avoid theelectric epilator practical for the legs, but certainly not for our private parts. The right technique then (and especially the most widespread)? Waxing. If it is possible to wax from home with a homemade wax, it is recommended (especially for the first time) to go to an institute for waxing of the Brazilian bikini! This technique, somewhat painful, guarantees a net result for about 3 weeks. Most ? The more you epilate, the finer the hair becomes and the less the pain is felt.

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Another method is spreading more and more: thepermanent hair removal – laser or pulsed light. More expensive than the others, this technique represents a long-term solution for those who no longer wish to worry about their jersey.

Brazilian bikini: how far do you wax?

On this point, opinions differ. Depending on the beauty institutes, the notion of “Brazilian” is not always the same. If we always draw a small triangle on the pubis, for some, this hair removal then consists of removing a few hairs that protrude from the lips. For others, like Bouchra Frikech, waxing the Brazilian bikini line means removing all the hair, including on the lips and between the buttocks, once the triangle area has been passed. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, it is therefore best to ask your beautician the question before the appointment.

And after ?

The key to a beautiful regrowth without inconvenience? Good hydration. And a swimsuit exfoliation once a week. With this Brazilian swimsuit, we have pretty high-cut swimsuits and underwear!

Thanks to Bouchra Frikech, beautician at home and former Carlota.

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