Emily Ratajkowski succumbs to XXL hair extensions

Published on August 12, 2022 at 4:01 p.m.

Emily Ratajkowski succumbs to XXL hair extensions

Emily Ratajkowski succumbs to XXL hair extensions – ©Instagram @emrata

The model Emily Ratajkowski radically changes her hairstyle and adopts hair extensions in XXL version. Photo.

It seems that the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski wanted a hair change. In any case, this is what its almost 30 million subscribers have been able to see by contemplating its Instagram story. The young woman, who usually wears brown hair arriving just below the shoulders, opted for XXL lengths reaching her waist. A hairstyle to which she had already succumbed during her pregnancy in February 2021. It must be said that this long mane matches perfectly with her sweet face. Gorgeous !

©Instagram @emrata

Double use for hair extensions

As Demi Moore and Millie Bobby Brown before her, the one we nicknamed EmRata uses, here, hair extensions wisely, in other words to lengthen his mane. But did you know that these additions have another purpose? It is indeed a secret that the people sphere has so far kept secret. To go from long hair to short hair (and vice versa), celebrities would braid their hair before tying it shorter extensions to form a square. In any case, this is what the famous hairdresser Marc Mena revealed to the American “Glamour”. One thing is certain: whether they are used to have an XXL mane or to adopt the bob for an evening, hair extensions are popular!

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