“Emily in Paris” season 3: Lily Collins adopts a new hairstyle with a very French style

Published on September 23, 2022 at 12:28

“Emily in Paris” season 3: Lily Collins adopts a very French new hairstyle – © Netflix

For season 3 of the “Emily in Paris” series, Lily Collins is adopting a very Frenchy new hairstyle: straight bangs. Pictures.

Can’t wait to find the adventures of the sparkling Emily Cooper? It shouldn’t take long. Moreover, to make fans of the series “Emily in Paris” wait, Netflix as well as certain actors like Lily Collins or Camille Razat shared the first images of season 3, Thursday, September 22, on social networks. And this, for our greatest pleasure! And if, with the approach of Paris Fashion Week, the clothing looks of the colorful characters did not go unnoticed, our beautista soul spotted a completely different novelty: the typically French hairstyle adopted by the character of Emily. And we give it to you in thousand, it is about… the straight bangs !

3 good reasons to adopt the straight fringe way Emily in Paris

For the style… And yes, it must be admitted, the fringe – like a real hair accessory – goes through the ages without incident and gives everyone a good dose of style without overdoing it. It also brings, to all those who take the plunge, an ultra-French side that we love. Its plus? It matches with all cups, from short square to XXL lengths.

For its universality… The fringe, when chosen straight, is suitable for all facial morphologies. In other words, we can all adopt it! We will just have to play on the length and the thickness according to each one (but that, our hairdresser will be able to tell us). So what are we waiting for?

For maintenance… On a daily basis, the fringe is very easy to style. If you can opt for the round brush + hair dryer combo to give it a little curved side worked, you can also just replace it with your fingertips in the mornings when time is short. And the day it pushes back, then? We go quickly to our hairdresser who will be able to cut it in less time than it takes to write it down or simply let it turn into fringe curtain before it becomes one with our lengths.

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