Elisabeth II: this secret beauty gesture that allowed her to slip away discreetly

Published on September 21, 2022 at 5:08 p.m.

Elisabeth II: this beauty gesture that allowed her to slip away discreetly

Elisabeth II: this beauty gesture that allowed her to slip away discreetly – © Bestimage

The Queen of England left with many secrets. One of them has just come to light: his astonishing use of lipstick in public. Zoom.

During her 70 year reign, the Queen Elizabeth II – who left us on Thursday, September 8 – has always honored his monarchical obligations and had the opportunity to meet many personalities. Many heads of state in particular, celebrities also like Marilyn Monroe, Anna Wintour or Lady Gaga without ever forgetting her people, her fans… and so on. As a good diplomat, there is no doubt that she has always known (one imagines) how to get out of sometimes delicate social situations. It even seems that she had a few tricks and codes to get out of boring situations, including one of the most ordinary beauty gestures that (almost) all women have already reproduced once in their lives: putting on lipstick. In any case, this is revealed by one of his former footmen, Ian Scott Hunter, in the program “Antiques Roadshow, on board the Royal Yacht Britannia”, broadcast on the British channel “BBC”.

A beauty gesture far from royal protocol?

If we already knew that the Queen of England used her handbag to send coded messages, it is more surprising to see that her lipstick was also a secret signal. “I believe that etiquette dictates that ladies do not wear makeup in public, explains the man who worked for nearly 8 years with Elizabeth II. She had her bag to the side and she pulled out her lipstick and put it on, no mirror or anything, and it was a signal to her ladies-in-waiting that she was ready to go. “A gesture far from the royal protocol if we believe the words which therefore allowed the Queen of England to slip away very quickly. “Of course they [les dames de compagnie] gathered all their belongings and Her Majesty [se levait]so they were all ready and prepared,” continues Ian Scott Hunter.

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