Do we really need a mini cosmetic fridge?

Published on July 21, 2022 at 12:31 p.m.

Do we really need a mini cosmetic fridge?

Do we really need a mini cosmetic fridge? – © instagram @beautizshop.official

Favorite gadget of influencers, the mini cosmetic fridge is everywhere on social networks. Supposed to store and preserve our care, is the beauty fridge really useful? Response elements.

Impossible to miss. Mini cosmetic fridges are everywhere (and especially among influencers). Available in several attractive colors, these gadgets in miniature format do not close cans of soda or vegetables but rather skin care products. A phenomenon which, over the years, is gaining a lot of momentum. Proof of this is on TikTok, the hashtag #skincarefridge has accumulated more than 100 million views. A planetary success that pushes us to ask ourselves a single question: is it really necessary?

Why keep your beauty products in a cosmetic fridge?

Greater efficiency

It’s a fact: storing certain beauty products in a cool place keeps certain so-called unstable active ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol or benzoyl peroxide, which tend to decompose on contact with heat or natural light.

Benefits not to be overlooked

For several years, the trends stemming from the cryotherapy are flourishing in the beauty market. Putting your accessories like a gua sha or skin care in the fridge is therefore not a bad idea. The contact of cold on the skin will decongest the face, improve blood circulation or reduce inflammation and redness.

Extend product life

We know that beauty products are perishable. Moreover, it is sometimes difficult to recognize expired makeup. The good news ? Cooling them prolongs their lifespan. Provided, however, that you opt for treatments formulated to be stored at room temperature. We think in particular of nail polishes, lip balms and even lipsticks.

What skincare products can be stored in a cosmetic fridge?

Serum, moisturizer, nail polish, jade roller… Lots of beauty products benefit from being stored in a cosmetic fridge. We favor treatments formulated with unstable active ingredients, natural products and those that contain few preservatives. On the other hand, make-up products like an eye shadow palette or a liquid blush will not have much interest in cooling down.

What do we think?

On paper, the idea is rather enticing. Putting your beauty products in the fridge has real advantages that should not be overlooked. However, at a time when it is urgent to take care of its energy consumption and its ecological footprint, the mini cosmetic fridge seems to be derisory. If the gadget remains useful and would please all beautistas, it might be wiser to make room in our real fridge.

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