Discover the new special issue ELLE Belle at any age

Published on November 03, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.

  Discover the new special issue ELLE Belle at any age


Find our ELLE special issue “Beautiful at any age”:

When feminine beauty is expressed at all ages of life.

Promoting the beauty of women in all its forms, whatever the means implemented to slow down the passage of time, at ELLE, we have only one credo: benevolence.

This new special issue is an opportunity to give women a voice. Our desire? Know how they go through the ages, reinvent their definition of beauty to always feel in tune with themselves. And radiant, above all.

Among them, some have dared cosmetic surgery, others have adopted rituals that have become a daily care routine, still others are revolutionizing cosmetic products and working to always be as close as possible to women’s needs…

In this ELLE special issue, you will also find the trends for the end of 2022: our favorite creams, our addresses for facialists in Paris and in the provinces, it fashion to sign your look… In short, all the ingredients to feel good every day and find your own definition of feminine beauty.

Our beauty special edition “Beauty at any age” will be available on newsstands from November 3, 2022 or online here.

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