‘Dirty Martini’ manicure is perfect for fall

Published on September 12, 2022 at 11:33 am

'Dirty Martini' manicure is perfect for fall

The “Dirty Martini” manicure is perfect for fall – ©instagram @betina_goldstein

After the manicure in the colors of the “Spritz”, it’s the turn of the “Dirty Martini” to invite itself on our nails this fall.

If you are probably one of those who do not want summer to come to an end, know that autumn also includes lots of little daily pleasures. Indeed, the change of season means it’s time to start swapping bright colors for more discreet and warm shades, both in your wardrobe and in your beauty vanity. Although summer manicure trends like the ” Glazed Donuts Nails are still topical, certain much more minimalist inspirations are gradually creeping into the hands of fashionable girls. Among them, the manicure called ” dirty martini », in reference to the famous cocktail, makes us eye for the fall season.

The “Dirty Martini” manicure, quesako?

If some do not hesitate to display nails completely covered in green, there is a much more original and minimalist version which consists of flaunting tiny olive designs on nude nails. Indeed, besides the martini and the gin, the olive is one of the main ingredients of the famous cocktail. The advantage of this manicure? Its olive green hue pairs perfectly with autumnal chunky knits and dark denim jeans. Whether you want to go to a salon to perform this manicure or whether you opt for a single small design on a nail or an all-over color, know that the “Dirty Martini” manicure is available as you wish.

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