Digital transformation: 4 benefits for your business

Digital transformation is a long-term process that affects all areas of the company’s activity. Its proper execution requires a strategic approach and patience as the implementation of the systems can take up to several months. However, it should be kept in mind that the changes introduced bring significant benefits to the company, while improving customer relations. The positive aspects of digitalization include, among others, increased productivity, reduced costs, improvement of key business processes, improved service quality or brand reinforcement on the market.

There are many reasons why your business should decide to digitize its business. Nowadays, old processes have given way to new business models, this has given a direct strategic advantage to start-ups and traditional companies that have been able to adapt to the current technological environment.

This means that every company that wants to grow must adjust its processes with modern solutions.

To paraphrase famous words attributed to W. Edwards Deming: change is not necessary if you do not want to survive “.

Global markets are changing and so are customer expectations. If you don’t react to these changes, your competitors surely will.

Companies that are ready to change and use technology to improve their processes must operate according to a strategy that is well orchestrated and adapted to its specific activities.

Digital transformation: what your business can gain!

The benefits of digitizing resources and business processes depend on the type of system implemented. Modern IT solutions can improve almost any area of ​​business activity – financial management, sales process, customer relations, project management, HR activities, business decision making, production, etc. In particular, the integration of dedicated software gives the possibility to solve the problems encountered by the company and to improve all the important processes in a company.

Here are some examples of the benefits of digitizing your business:

Digitizing your business creates a highly secure environment

Data is the core value of a business. Their collection and sharing enable the implementation of key business processes. One of the major business challenges will be ensuring an adequate level of information security against various types of attacks and cyberattacks.

In February 2020, before the Covid crisis, there were 5,000 cyberattacks per week worldwide and this figure exploded to reach 200,000 attacks per week during the Covid crisis, according to the report “Cyber ​​attack: 2020 Mid-Year Report”.

On the set of BFM Business on the occasion of the program ” The SME Weekly », Nicolas Boittin, CEO of BT-Blue (ex Bretagne Télécom) stated bluntly: The question is not when your business will be attacked, but above all HOW long will it last? And how long before returning to operational conditions ? »

In the changing reality of business, enterprise cybersecurity is a priority for CIOs. But unless you are an expert in the field of security, it is very difficult to take care of all aspects related to securing data against loss and hacking.

Meeting all the requirements is extremely difficult and entails significant costs for the company. With this in mind, BT Blue has created a task force of experts working to reduce vulnerabilities through the establishment of a Cloud priveted and secured under VMwareintrusion tests, surveillance systems, multi-factor authentication systems and many other tailor-made protection solutions adapted to the needs of companies.

The digitalization of your company makes it possible to offer a private Cloud to your company

The number of applications and the amount of data are constantly growing, and IT departments struggle to provide the resources to meet users’ IT infrastructure needs.

The private cloud was invented to provide a solution to this problem. Your business benefits from a private and secure IT environment in a reliable IT infrastructure that precisely adjusts to the specific requirements of your IT environment. Resources are shared and used by a single company, which guarantees a high level of data security.

For example, when customers mainly order goods in the morning and evening, this puts a heavy strain on the server and requires little computing power the rest of the day. With the private cloud, you can easily increase or reduce the resources you need according to the uses. Supply and demand are automatically balanced.

The main advantages of the private cloud are:

  • Scalability : the resources used are sized according to the needs of the company. The company no longer has to wonder if it has the necessary resources.
  • Security : the company is the only actor on its private Cloud and no longer needs to worry about the security of its data, it determines its own security preferences.
  • Control : the company controls the consumption of resources, the security and the architecture of the private cloud.
  • Savings : IT infrastructure costs are reduced through the use of external infrastructure and optimization, charges are only charged for actual resource consumption.

Outsourcing your IS to a Cloud operator who knows his business perfectly allows your IT department to refocus its activities on its core business, while achieving significant savings in updating and maintenance.

The digitalization of your company allows the deployment of a corporate IP telephony service

The IP phone does not only include voice communication. With this technology, the company can also enjoy other benefits such as voice identification, call forwarding or sharing data and information with other people. The IP phone also allows for video and audio conferencing, connecting one user to multiple others. The costs of the system itself are much lower than traditional telephony because it only needs internet to make the calls, so you only pay an internet provider bill. Compared to traditional telephone operators, the costs are lower. The average savings a business can expect from using an IP phone system can vary widely, depending on factors such as the size of the business and the system it was previously using, however, rough estimates are savings between 30% and 50% according to data researchandmarkets.

The digitalization of your company makes it possible to deploy a very high speed network for your company’s data

Would you like to get a network with high speed, low latency and higher efficiency? This is the promise of the TDH network offered by operators like BT Blue.

Having a very high speed network (THD) is essential for companies that process large amounts of data and need a lot of agility in the transmission of information for the execution of their services.

Today, trends such as IoT (Internet of Things), e-commerce, digitalization of services or Big Data require the ability to store and manage massive amounts of data at ever-increasing speeds. This is why THD networks have been built with a dedicated typology to offer very high speed solutions to users.

Within structures such as Data Centers, the THD promotes instant connectivity at the best speeds to provide and process information, data and analyzes as quickly as possible.

THD gives the user access to the Internet and data at a speed of several gigabits per second, while reducing latency with high reliability and allowing the delivery of quality services in real time, which can completely change your business activity.

The final word

Digital transformation is a gradual process in which companies use technology to improve their performance, increase their reach, radically change business models, create new services and ensure better results. This is a structural change giving an essential role to technology.

The integration of digital technologies in the activities of the company has a positive impact on its operations, allowing the teams to have complete information, to control it and to obtain an overview of the situation of the company. . Thus, it makes it possible to make business decisions faster and gain an edge over the competition.

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