Coperni reveals the perfect technique to flatten your hair

Published on October 01, 2022 at 6:05 p.m.

Coperni reveals the perfect technique to flatten your hair

Coperni reveals the perfect technique for flattening your hair – © Elisa CASSON

Sleek hair, sleek bun… For the past few seasons, the trend has been for slicked back hair. At Coperni, Duffy, the hairstylist in charge of the show, found the ideal technique to achieve this trendy beauty treatment.

For the past 24 hours, we’ve only been talking about that. The Coperni parade created excitement thanks to a dress painted directly on Bella Hadid’s naked body in front of the astonished eyes of the guests. An unforgettable moment that will forever remain in the history of Paris Fashion Week. A few hours earlier, we infiltrated the backstage of this already cult show. On the beauty side, the hair slicked back was there. Big trend for a few seasons, the sleek effect is everywhere. To succeed to perfection, we steal the trick of Duffy, hairstylist in charge of the parade.

Step 1: the importance of the brush

After the detangling stage, it’s time for serious things. On the hair of the models, the hairdressers apply the extraordinary oil of L’Oréal Paris to nourish the hair. After the treatment, Studio Line sculpting wax and fixing gel appear. Applied from the roots to the ends, these two products help to fix the hair correctly. To achieve this sleek effect, the professionals also used a boar bristle brush.

© Elisa CASSON

Step 2: the pro’s tip

And it’s not over ! To ensure the hold of this trendy beauty treatment, the hair dryer is a very important accessory. Indeed, on the hair of the models, the device came to dry the gel. The trick? Stick your hair dryer as close as possible to the root and follow the passage of the brush. A technique that can be reproduced at home, but let’s be honest with a lot less gel.

Step 3: a bit of fantasy

To upgrade this trendy makeover, Coperni opted for false bangs. Cut into extensions, this unexpected accessory settled on the foreheads of the mannequins. A technique used by many celebrities like Penélope Cruz who recently appeared with and without bangs a few days apart.

© Elisa CASSON

Thanks to L’Oréal Paris for opening the doors of the Coperni backstage to us.

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