Coloring 2023: the most trendy hair colors of the year

Published on December 19, 2022 at 3:36 p.m.

Hair color 2023: the trendiest hair colors of the year – © Imaxtree

Fancy a bit of a change as the New Year approaches? We take stock of the 2023 color trends to twist our hair. Inspiration in pictures.

The year 2023 will soon point the tip of its nose. It’s time for us to reveal the next color trends that we will see on everyone’s head.

Hair color trend 2023: which one to look for?

platinum blonde

We would have thought it more discreet for the coming year and yet the one that proudly sat at the top of the trend colors of the year 2022 is far from having said its last word. Seen on the catwalks of Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 – and more recently adopted by actress Vanessa Hudgens – color platinum blonde persists. And we understand why ! Ultra-cool, this characterful shade suits all lengths, from pixie cut to long hair. The must ? Pair it with a square cut. Guaranteed effect!

The golden blonde

For those who, on the contrary, would like to wake up and bring a little warmth to their hair color, there are many other shades of blonde. In the lead for the year 2023? the golden blonde. An ultra-natural coloring brought by a “sunburn” technique better known as california sweep which ensures luminous hair as when returning from vacation. Its advantage? It is worn all year round.

The flamboyant red

It has been making a big comeback for a few seasons now and intends to establish itself as the must-have color for trendy girls this year. the gingerthis trend coming straight from the 1990s, is suitable for all skin tones and is twisted in 1001 shades today: from Venetian blond to flamboyant red almost red via the famous Copper Hair. No faux pas will be reported as long as the reflections are coppery ! Be careful, however, to maintain regular maintenance.


Why choose between blonde and brown when you can have a bit of both? After a remarkable comeback in 2022 thanks to trends such as the caramel latte hair – a balayage playing on a palette of multiple browns – or even the bronze coloring – halfway between honey blonde and chocolate – caramel coloring is now the ideal in-between. And for good reason, this gourmet color with warm reflections adapts to all natural pigmentations in addition to waking up our complexion. In short, she’s got it all!


As a basic color, brown always has its place in the middle of trends. And this year, it’s his version chocolate which stands out as well as its many variants like the nutella brown – a softer shade with caramel highlights – or the chocolate cherry – “black cherry” in French, a color between copper red and chocolate mocha. And if this color is willingly united, it is possible to bring some nuances by turning to the rogue hair or the money piece highlight, two techniques that consist of lightening the locks framing the face. Luminous complexion guaranteed.

The carbon black

Very present on the catwalks of Fashion Week spring-summer 2023 (like the previous year), the raven black persists and settles on the heads of the models and there is no doubt that it will quickly join the street. Indeed, this dark coloring affirms its character and will soon be available on all haircuts. And if we thought that it was not suitable for everyone, especially the lightest skin, nay! It will simply be necessary to make sure to enhance the complexion with an ounce of makeup to be on top.

The 2023 color trends that inspire us in pictures

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