Cocktailing mascara: this make-up tip is a hit on the networks

Published on October 19, 2022 at 10:32 am

Cocktailing mascara: this make-up tip is a hit on the networks

Cocktailing mascara: this make-up trick is a hit on the networks – ©RomarioIen/iStock

The principle of this new trick unearthed on social networks? Layer several mascaras for a tailor-made result. Explanations.

Among the many make-up tips circulating on the Internet, it seems that one of them is very successful at the moment. This is the “cocktailing mascara”. Indeed, make-up artists use it regularly, celebrities are fans of it, and TikTok beauty content creators are experimenting with it at home. And to believe the results, it seems that this tip is capable of revolutionizing our makeup routine. The principle ? Layer different mascara to create a unique and personalized look. If the mascaras are more and more efficient, none is able to meet all the needs at the same time.

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How it works ?

To reproduce this trick at home, start by cleaning your eyelashes then curl them with a eyelash curler. Get two mascaras designed for different purposes – one for length and one for volume for example – then start by using the one that best separates and defines your lashes to avoid any clumping from the start. Apply it from the root of the eyelashes to the tip, wiggling the brush in a zigzag motion, then wait for the formula to dry for a few seconds. Then move on to the second mascara and apply it in the same way as the previous one, making sure to start from the root of the eyelashes. For an even more breathtaking result, add a second layer of the last mascara only on the tip of your lashes.

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