Clara Luciani adopts this hairstyle from our childhood

Published on July 20, 2022 at 3:06 p.m.

Clara Luciani adopts this hairstyle from our childhood

Clara Luciani adopts this hairstyle from our childhood Р©Instagram @jesuisclaraluciani

The singer revealed herself on Instagram with a hairstyle that makes us somewhat nostalgic.

When we think Clara Luciani, we think long straight hair and straight bangs. At only 30 years old, the French singer has succeeded in establishing herself as an icon thanks to her unique voice and her very seventies style. While she cultivates a vintage look, notably through retro-looking clothes, she knows how to make us nostalgic in another way. Indeed, even if she is rarely seen other than with her hair down, very recently the singer revealed herself, in an Instagram story, with a new hairstyle that reminds us of our childhood.

©Instagram @jesuisclaraluciani

Double braids: the hairstyle of our childhood

The braid is a timeless hairstyle. For years, it has been reinventing itself to sport different styles. Growing up, we abandon the classic braid for a more worked and sophisticated version like the ear of wheat braid or even waterfall braid. But ultimately, sometimes it’s good to go back to your classics like Clara Luciani did.
While they are too often relegated to the ranks of hairstyles for little girls, double braids can nevertheless be worn once adulthood is reached. It’s all about fully accepting them! Wear a little looser like the singer does, they will have a completely different look and an ultra-trendy side that we love. Another point that we appreciate in the double braids: they release the neck. A considerable advantage when the mercury rises (like in recent days). In short, the ideal hairstyle for a trendy retro side in the middle of a heat wave.

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