Cardi B gives us her grandmother’s tip for ultra-shiny hair

Published on August 18, 2022 at 9:26 am

Cardi B gives us her grandmother's tip for ultra-shiny hair

Cardi B gives us her grandmother’s trick for ultra-shiny hair – © Zuma Presse – Bestimage

Delivered by Cardi B, this grandmother’s trick promises us shiny hair without leaving home. To test (or not).

“I use a secret vegetable water on my hair… Can you guess which vegetable it is? A hint: I did a tutorial on it, about 6 years ago”. Here is the enigma that Cardi B left us, a few days ago, on her Tik Tok account. All accompanied by a video of a few seconds showing an impressive before/after capillary. And for good reason, the rapper successively displayed a frizzy and voluminous hair then moved on to an ultra-smooth and shiny mane. The product used? So you had to guess.


I beem using secret vegetable water on my hair….can you guess which vegetable is it? …heres a clue,I did a tutorial on it about 6 years ago

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If the vegetable oils for hair – like coconut oil, avocado or broccoli oil – are commonly used to improve the beauty and health of our manes, vegetable waters are less common. So, since this famous post, speculation was rife and the mystery hovered.

An amazing hair trick

The rapper finally quickly lifted the veil on her enigma by revealing her secret ingredient, and beware, it’s amazing! It’s water… onions! In any case, this is what she revealed on her Instagram account: “During my last 2 washes, I boiled onions and used the water to wash my hair. I used to when I started my healthy hair journey 6 years ago. I quit because I’m really lazy.”

This grandmother’s trick would be, according to her, “odorless” and would give “shine” to the hair. Do we try the experiment? If our hair surely does not risk much to be rinsed with onion water, we prefer to stick to the good old methods and turn to the benefits ofrice water whose virtues we (really) know. Moreover, if the more adventurous among us want to try Cardi B’s technique, we advise them to follow the same steps as for this starchy water.

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