Can we trust organic cosmetics?

A truly organic cream does exist!

“In the beauty sector, brands are making real efforts to become more virtuous. When I launched Garancia eighteen years ago, I didn’t want to choose between the effectiveness and the healthy side of our formulations. At first, pharmacies were skeptical about the color of our creams: they weren’t white but rather beige because we didn’t use titanium dioxide to whiten them! When we launched our ecorefills, I heard “it’s not pretty, it doesn’t fit in the shelf”. It took educational work with everyone, buyers, consumers. I am a doctor of pharmacy and graduated with a master’s degree in marketing from HEC. Since I’m the one who creates the formulas and “sources” the ingredients, it helps me to explain the processes. »

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Deciphering the content of beauty products remains complicated

“Reading the labels, understanding what your jar of cream really contains is not always easy. Fortunately, serious and powerful tools exist like Yuka app, initially dedicated to food and which developed a rating system by scanning the components of cosmetics: depending on the ingredients used, a rating is assigned to your tube of cream. We collect 100% green pellets, which is a real reward. »

The most negative impact on the environment are the ingredients

“From the development of a serum to its manufacture, to packaging and delivery, everything counts in the carbon footprint. At Garancia, we pay a lot of attention to the ingredients we choose. For example, we do not use parabens, phenoxyethanol or mineral oil, we favor vegetable oils. If our first products required silicone for a natural touch, I quickly realized that we could formulate very well without. The ingredients are 98% natural for Pschitt Magique, our micro-peeling bestseller. But packaging and packaging also matter enormously. We were the first to launch washable and reusable make-up remover pads, and our eco-refills allow us to save 60 tonnes of plastic per year. 100% of our plastic packs will be recyclable in 2025. Our new À La Belle Étoile night cream, for example, comes in the form of a refill to slip into a recyclable glass jar. Every day we try to do better. It makes you very proud. »

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