Can a payroll manager work remotely?

As the name suggests, the payroll manager deals with money outgoings in a company. His hybrid profile, halfway between the accountant and the human resources manager, and his versatility allow him to work from anywhere, so teleworking is not a problem in the context of his activity.

The payroll manager can work in any company

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just big companies that need good payroll management. Even micro and small businesses also need these services. This is because all companies are responsible for keeping track of all the payments they make for the sake of transparency. In addition, thanks to his knowledge of taxation, the payroll manager can help small businesses to be in good standing with respect to taxes.

Thus, the opportunities are not lacking for those who move towards this sector of activity. In addition, you can work in several different markets. Upon graduation, it is possible to payroll management in industry, commerce or service companies, in different markets, the field of intervention of the payroll manager is very wide.

The payroll manager training can be taken online

Before we look at the possibility of working remotely, we will look at the options offered by training for this profession. Payroll manager training is no exception to the new course digitization trend. Thus, it is possible to follow payroll manager training from your home.

These payroll manager training courses provide its participants with the same knowledge as a face-to-face course. You will learn about labor legislation and the methodology for calculating salaries. You will also have introductory courses in accounting allowing you to manage in such a way as to avoid errors and thus preserve the assets of the company.

payroll manager online training

The job of payroll manager can also be done remotely

The digitization of the HR sector and the accounting department is part of the digital transformation that is happening in all sectors of the economy. As with all areas of a business, automating human capital management processes leads to cost savings, the elimination of rework, and increasingly skilled professionals. Additionally, after the COVID-19 pandemic, this automation has democratized telework. All management professions are concerned, including the profession of payroll manager.

If you are a payroll manager and want to evolve into teleworking, you must discuss it with your boss for the feasibility. However, it should be kept in mind that the latter is not obliged to accept, unless there are already other colleagues in the same position who benefit from it.

The technical conditions necessary for this remote profession

To manage payroll remotely, two essential technical conditions must be met: efficient payroll software and a communication tool that integrates perfectly into the company. You don’t have to worry, because the company is required to guarantee you access to these tools if you are one of their employees.

payroll software

As you know, there are several calculated parameters for setting a salary. Imagine then, doing this for more than one employee, each month. Automating the process with payroll software is therefore a strategy that aims to eliminate failures in the calculations manual and repetitive. It has become the norm in all companies. This guarantees more efficiency in payroll management. For teleworking, the company’s payroll software must offer a collaborative workspace. You don’t need to be a computer whiz for that.

Payroll software should be flexible to handle the most diverse types of payments a business may have. To give some examples of their diversity, we can cite payments for trainees, apprentices, service providers, managers and directors. The payroll software should preferably be a SaaS, i.e. software that is accessible via an internet browser. This is much more suited to the realities of teleworking. You can access it for example from any terminal, as long as you have your username, your password and a connection. If you have hardware software, it will need to have a cloud function. Otherwise, you will have to discuss it with your employer, because a change is necessary.

A powerful communication tool

The second technical condition is a means of communication. When you are teleworking, you have to be reachable. There are several options for this. Most companies use video conferencing apps such as Skype or Google Duo. You should also remember to keep your phone on during working hours. This reassures your employer and allows you to call them if you have a problem.

remote payroll manager

Confidentiality of information is a challenge when a payroll manager works remotely

The data processed by the payroll manager is very sensitive. He has a duty not to intentionally or accidentally divulge information, this is professional secrecy. An office in a company does not offer the same security guarantees as your office at home. The separation between private life and remote work life is not always as optimal as expected.

This is why protective measures must be taken to prevent a leak. For example, you must separate your work PC from your personal computer. It is also necessary to lock the work PC with a strong password to prevent a third person from having access to it. Paper documents from the payroll department should not be lying around the house. As for respect for private life, the legislator has anticipated possible abuses by specifying that the employer must take all the measures to guarantee respect for the private life of the teleworker.

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