Cabinet GLA: the essentials to know

The Social and Economic Committee (CSE) has the role of guaranteeing the well-being (work health and safety) staff at work in a company. In this sense, he has a say in the management of the latter. However, often lacking concrete information, it is difficult for this body to fully play its role. The GLA firm therefore proposes to accompany it so that it is effective. Find out in this article why CSEs must use an accountant from the GLA office.

General presentation of the GLA firm

Created in 1976, Cabinet GLA has been supporting CSEs in their missions for years. The experience accumulated over many decades allows it to respond promptly to customer needs. Many companies still bear witness to this and position the firm among the best in the market.

Even today, he is considered an essential partner. He assists the Committees of companies, establishments or large groups. For organizations wishing to be accompanied by a chartered accountant expert in works councils, the choice should fall on the GLA. His expertise protects you from various problems that would hinder the prosperity of your company.

Moreover, if this firm has so much reputation, it is also thanks to a dynamic and professional team. It includes specialists in economic analysis and social business work as well as chartered accountant cse. In addition, the various positions of responsibility are occupied by people who have already proven themselves in the field.

The different services offered by GLA

The GLA firm aims to support the committees in several aspects of their missions. To do this, it offers a variety of services that can be grouped around two main axes.

Legal and social missions

The accountants of the CSE offer you their services to provide support to staff representatives. The latter need the professional eye of these specialists for occasional and repeated consultations. It is support that will help them as elected officials to be effective in their economic role.

If these experts are well equipped, they will be better able to participate in the life of the structure. The corporate social policy will be proposed taking into account their ideas for improving the living conditions of employees. Also, with the help of members of the GLA cabinet, they will be able to make suggestions for corporate strategic directions.

It is not uncommon to encounter staff representatives who do not have enough information to really defend the rights of employees. Yet, for a professional equality negotiation, both sides must be on the same wavelength. Have accountant recourse therefore fills this gap.

Accounting missions

The CSE has the obligation to present to the personnel at the end of each year a report on the business financial situation. Apart from being a provision provided for by law, it is a process of transparency. However, this body still does not have within it the skills required to fully assume its role.

With the help of professionals from the GLA firm, this annual mission will be carried out efficiently. Concretely, the specialists ensure the accounts of the CSE, the control of the profit-sharing, the training of the members of the committee. All official documents falling within the framework of financial management are analyzed by the experts.

The strengths of the GLA firm

If this firm has accumulated all these decades of experience at the highest level, it is because it has remained faithful to its values. Its staff is available at all times to accompany you and meet your needs. Also, they take the time to learn about the problems, to lead constructive dialogues to unearth the sources of the situations.

In addition, the firm remains tenacious in the face of potential difficulties and constantly seeks to provide you with quality outcomes. In view of its seniority and past experience, the GLA firm is very quick to find the appropriate solutions as quickly as possible.

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