Businesses in Ile-de-France: when to call on a private detective?

In business, it often happens that we have to solve several internal problems related to the management of staff and collaborators. To avoid certain fatal situations, it happens that business leaders use the services of private detectives. But, when to call on a private detective?

When do you call in a private detective?

Several situations can explain the fact of appealing to a private detective for the surveillance of its employees. Launch the search private detective in Île-de-France on the internet to consult the list of private detectives in this region.

Cases of fraud and espionage

If you have suspicions of product theft or if you are alerted by the non-compliance of figures or the disclosure of confidential information, you have the right to use the services of a specialist to help you clarify the situation and detect the guilty.

In the event of espionage, the private detective will be responsible for identifying the equipment involved as well as the spies. If you think you are the victim of a cyber threat, a cyber detective will be able to help you.

Verification of the reasons for absence or work stoppage

In the event of a work stoppage or the absence of an employee, the company can call on the services of a private detective. In such cases, the use of a spinning professional serves to detect fraudulent stops.

Controlling an employee’s attitude in the workplace

The monitoring of employees by a private detective may also take place to identify reprehensible behavior or behavior that does not respect the company’s internal regulations. If one of your employees drinks alcohol during their working hours, or if some of them do not respect the safety rules, you can call on a private detective. An investigation is also possible if the employee does not respect the working hours.

What is the legal framework for employee monitoring?

Having the employees of a company monitored is regulated by a legal framework that is complex to say the least. Even if they work for you, you cannot have your employees monitored as you see fit.

Indeed, according to labor law, the employee can only be monitored if this option has been included in his employment contract or in the internal rules of the company. Under civil law, this surveillance can only take place during working hours. The means used must not be exaggerated in relation to the reasons for this monitoring. In addition, shadowing by the private detective must not infringe the privacy of the employee. But if the reason for surveillance falls under criminal law, all means can be used by the private detective.

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