Brittle nails: how to treat brittle nails

Updated on September 19, 2022 at 6:07 p.m.

Some have the soft nails, others have ridged nails and there are those who have brittle nails. Madeline Poole, Global Color Ambassador at Sally Hansen, helps us find a solution to repair and solidify our claws.

Why do our nails break?

“Lack of hydration is the number one reason for brittle nails, but excessive exposure to strong detergents and water can also make nails brittle,” tells us Madeline Poole, Stella McCartney’s favorite nail artist. Iron or zinc deficiencies can also be a cause and in these cases it is best to talk to your GP.

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What is the difference with ridged nails?

“Vertical streaks are quite common. Aging is the main cause, as well as lack of hydration. Massage the ridged nails and cuticles with moisturizers can be a long-term remedy. »

Can we still apply varnish?

“Yes, it is possible provided you take good care of your nails. The best result is normally achieved by applying the treatment over the manicure and under it, following the instructions for its application. According to Madeline, we would add that it is still essential to let your nails breathe. Yes, the care applied in the base will protect the plate of our nail but it is preferable to avoid chaining the poses of classic nail polish as well as the semi-permanent ones. Finally, between each manicure, nothing beats doing a treatment with a restorative oil.

How to treat brittle nails?

For a good nail rehab, several solutions are available to us. Certain fatty acids present in eggs, nuts, vegetables or even flaxseed oil help strengthen our nails. The other solution: “Apply oil to the plate of his nail. The nail artist then advises us, to adopt the right reflex, to have a specific treatment at hand in order to nourish and treat our claws as well as possible. Her ultimate trick: soak her nails in tea tree oil with antifungal and protective properties. We also cannot recommend too much not to cut your nails with a nail clipper but rather to file them correctly. For this, we proscribe back and forth with the file and we only file one way.

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