Brand development: Progressium, the ideal partner for franchisors

In order to multiply one’s business and ensure a great reputation, it is appropriate to belong to or develop a franchise. However, overcoming the difficulties that one might encounter requires the intervention of a professional. The Progressium expert firm is positioning itself for this purpose. With his team made up of highly experienced staff with great influence, he is at the service of the development of franchisors.

Progressium, the ideal partner

Made up of specialists, the firm Progressium offers its know-how and experience to support you, whatever your field of intervention in economic activity.

For the implementation of your commercial premises and your marketing strategy, Progressium wants to be your unique partner for personalized support.

With more than a decade of existence, it has proven itself with a vast network and has participated in the recruitment of a large number of franchisees.

Whether in the field of recruiting franchisees, finding commercial premises, communicating to attract the right candidates, facilitating the network and international franchising, the firm offers its support and offers a global vision of the potential to be developed in your business.

A member of the College of Experts of the French Franchise Federation, Progressium is established in most European countries and in Canada.

A guide to setting up the franchise

Setting up the franchise is a rigorous and well-planned task. The success of this step requires the use of knowledgeable experts. And the solution is all found with a subscription to the services of Progressium.

Office offers its services upstream, for the preliminary studies of your project, in order to identify the strengths, but also the possible difficulties. Budget-related aspects are reviewed, as well as project implementation strategies.

Progressium is also involved in the definition of the partnership model between franchisor and franchisee, the development of contractual documents and formalization through registration.

Progressium: an expert for the development of Franchises

Progressium has all kinds of skills to support franchisors. Beyond the establishment of Franchises, it offers its support for the recruitment of franchisees, to set up a dynamic network.

The firm defines the selection criteria for partners, with the valuable input of experts experienced in the task. With its experts and business specialists, it provides assistance for development advice and training.

Talent at the service of communication

Good visibility requires a solid communication plan. Progressium offers you its support and expertise for this purpose. Do you want to highlight your concept, improve your communication tools, in particular the design of your logos and graphics? The firm has modern tools to reveal you.

Franchisors and franchisees can now build awareness of their brands through advertising and visibility on social media and other mainstream events.

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