Brad Pitt launches his premium cosmetics brand at Miraval: “Le Domaine”

brad pitt and the Perrins is above all the story of a friendship, born in 2012. The actor met these respected Var winegrowers at a mutual friend’s house, so that he has just acquired the Château de Miraval. He seeks to improve the quality of the production of his 30 hectares of vines, and asks advice from these precursors in biodynamics, owners in particular of Beaucastel in Châteauneuf du Pape. Quickly, between these lovers of the land, strong ties are forged. Driven by the same desire to preserve nature and its ecosystem, they associate and create together the famous Mirava roséI.

“In nature, the principle of waste does not exist”

Ten years later, the Perrin family – who have been cultivating vines with passion for five generations – and Brad Pitt, welcome us to the Château, one hour from Marseille, to talk about a completely different project: a line of cosmetic care from waste from their production, called “Le Domaine”. “In nature, the principle of waste does not exist. Every leftover, every discarded item becomes food for another,” the actor explains. A food which, thanks to science, would make it possible to fight against skin aging.

To create this range, the partners collaborated with two top scientists. Professor Nicolas Lévy, specialist in progeria (a rare genetic disease causing ultra-rapid aging) and natural skin aging. And Pr Pierre-Louis Tesseidre, health expert, analyzing the grape varieties to find the most effective combinations. Both have created, thanks to powerful anti-oxidant active ingredients contained in grape marc and vine shoots, a formula “with unprecedented performance against the effects of time”, rigorously tested.

“It’s not a celebrity brand”

If Brad Pitt lends himself today willingly to the promotion of this cosmetic challenge, it is above all because he has put his heart into it. “The idea of ​​creating a skincare line had been in my head for a while (…) I was involved at every stage of the process, from choosing the name, to the visual identity and including product testing” . He also uses “La Crème” daily in his beauty routine, and ensures that it gives him a real feeling of comfort “even under the Californian sun”. We take his word for it, his complexion is obviously perfect. The actor, keen on architecture and design, says he also loved collaborating on the design of the cabochons, made from oak extracted from offcuts from the barrels.

But if he proudly carries the values ​​of this skincare collection, Brad Pitt insists, he refuses that Le Domaine is reduced to yet another star fad. “It’s not a celebrity brand. It is a line of anti-aging cosmetic products for all men and women (…) We fully agree with my associates: we do not want “Le Domaine” to be embodied by a face”.

The line currently includes: “The Serum”, “The Cream”, “The Fluid Cream” and “The Cleansing Emulsion”. All products are vegan, gender neutral, refillable (except the emulsion) and almost entirely recyclable thanks to their bottles cast in the highest quality glass containing recycled glass. The perfume is very subtle, we smell light notes of iris, orange blossom and musk. The textures are soft and delicate to the touch.

Brad Pitt also relaunches the legendary Miraval studios

For the official launch of this range, Brad Pitt and the Perrin family received us in one of the “friends’ houses” of the estate, in which the actor had also settled during the long period of work. of the castle. Surrounded by the seven Perrin men and Cécile, the only woman in the clan, the star of “Fight Club” displays a good mood and a constant smile. We feel he is happy to see Miraval live, his Provençal lands that he loves so much. The American star also explains that he wants to go further and make the Domaine a real place of life and creation. He has thus undertaken to completely restore an old music studio on the property. An already mythical place, where albums as cult as “The Wall” by Pink Floy have been recorded. An abandoned “Miraval Studio”, which he renovated and transformed, with Damien Quintard (music prodigy and rare French producer to have won an Emmy award) into a sublime studio design, bright, and super efficient. Artists will have the chance to stay there in apartments on the first floor, in a period stone building, and decorated by Mr Pitt himself, in the middle of vineyards and umbrella pines…. (note for later: leave everything to get into music)

No doubt, if Brad Pitt had been discreet for a moment, he has indeed regained all his energy and assumes his desires. Let’s play!

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The Serum, 30 ml pump bottle: €350 (refill: €300)

The Cream, the 50 ml jar: 275 euros (refill: 230€)

Cleansing Emulsion, 100 ml pump bottle: €70

From January 2023: the Fluid cream, the 50 ml pump bottle: €265 (refill: €220)

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