Bow Tie Braid, the hairstyle that we will all adopt for the new year

Published on December 29, 2022 at 3:07 p.m.

Bow Tie Braid, the hairstyle that we will all adopt for the new year

Bow Tie Braid, the hairstyle that we will all adopt for the New Year – © Instagram @hairbysaretta

Looking for an original hairstyle for New Year’s Eve? The Bow Tie Braid is for you. Explanations.

If the Christmas holidays are over, we still have a New Year’s Eve to celebrate. And not least! The new year is an opportunity that we would not miss for anything in the world. By the way, with New Year’s Eve only a few days away, our evening wear is already patiently waiting. However, there is still one thing to be determined: our party hairstyle ! Released hair ? Ponytail ? Sleek bun? We are spoiled for choice, but to be really in the theme, a hairstyle stands out: the Bow Tie Braid, also called bow tie braid in French. An original way to style your long hair, to enhance its look and attract all eyes. But how to do it? We explain to you.

Bow Tie Braid, step by step

Before you start, get a hairbrush, thin rubber bands and bobby pins. Then, place to the realization. The first step (the most technical, we grant you) consists in constituting the knot. In the manner of a half-tail, start by isolating a large wick using an elastic but before fixing it, create a small loop, like a small bun. Then, separate it into two equal parts before pinning them on each side of the head. Thus, the two sections of the knot are formed. To complete this step, pull up the rest of the wick in the middle of the two loops to form the bow tie effect.

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Once the knot is made, place the braiding. And for that, all styles are appreciated: classic, ear or twisted… For a total end-of-year look, it is even possible to slip a small ribbon in the middle of the hair. It’s your turn !

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