Before / after of Sonia, 45, injections and tensor threads: “I had drawn features”

What bothered me

“I’m pretty thin and I practice sports quite intensively, I have a sustained professional activity and a busy family life with five children in all, since the family is blended. Result, at 40, I had lost a lot of volume in the face and I had drawn features. »

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What decided me

“I wanted a boost of freshness and pep, but I was at odds with myself. On the one hand, the refusal to bend to the dictates of youthism; on the other hand, why deny me existing care that allows me to feel good, even to cheer me up? »


“For the operation with the sutures, the anesthesia worked very well, so I didn’t have any pain, I just felt a little tightness. During the injection sessions, the doctor showed great finesse in listening and in the care she offered me, without ever pushing me, but rather showing me the progressive results on my face. . »

And after ?

“The aftermath was super easy to manage, because I’m lucky not to score at all: I’ve never had any bruises or bruises. I had control appointments, a very good follow-up. What I liked the most was the natural look: that’s exactly what I was looking for. »

how i feel today

“I find myself prettier, happier, more solar. I don’t have the impression of having changed anything, but of having found freshness and volume in the features. »

What others say

“Never anyone, even among my relatives, noticed that I had made interventions, I was just told that I looked rested, in good shape or radiant! »

And tomorrow ?

“I have no regrets and I will not hesitate to consult again if I still need a freshening up. “Thank you to doctors Cécile Winter, plastic surgeon, Antoni Calmon, aesthetic doctor, Laurence Benouaiche, plastic surgeon, and Nathaniel Stroumza, plastic surgeon.

Her doctor’s point of view

“Sonia wanted to look less tired, less relaxed, more attractive, while remaining natural. Indeed, I found that she looked sad, too thin and too marked for her age. So I suggested that he take the first step in the techniques, with injections ofhyaluronic acid at the temples, cheekbones, chin. Then to rejuvenate it, still thanks to injections, but at the level of the lips, in order to discreetly modify the proportions of her face. Finally, I redesigned his mandibular angles and corrected the sagging face and neck with tensor threads resorbable. All of this has been offered in a step-by-step treatment plan that lasts an average of two years. The ideal is to maintain the result obtained every six months, according to your needs, with an injection of hyaluronic acid, to never let the result fall. And I advised him to practice his sport with less intensity, so as not to lose too much weight. »

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