Before/after of Émilie, 43, lipofilling and blepharoplasty: “My droopy eyelids have always bothered me”

What bothered me

“I’m not sophisticated, but my droopy eyelids have always bothered me. And swelling with edema around the eyes in the morning did not help. Over time, I had a cap over my eye that was aging me. It made me look unhappy. For me, it was almost a medical problem. »

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What decided me

“I went there gradually, first of all to find a solution without surgery. In 2019, an aesthetic center offered me botulinum toxin to lift my eyelids. I did it, but I didn’t like it at all: my eyebrows were “raised”, I couldn’t wrinkle my forehead anymore, it made me lose my expressions, and, in the end, my eyelids were still as heavy. Fortunately, it went away after a few months. [le Botox agit en effet pendant quatre à six mois, ndlr]. In 2020, I finally realized the obvious: I had to go to a surgeon. The chosen doctor offered me a blepharoplasty of the two eyelids, above and below, then the injection of my own fat which we reinjected to fill in the hollows. He showed me quite convincing “before and after”. My head on Zoom was the last straw, I couldn’t see myself anymore! Working from home allowed me to hide, and the goggles and mask combination was perfect for camouflage in the street. »


“I was in the operating room, under general anesthesia, because fat removal requires mini-liposuction of the knee. When I woke up, I had two huge purple cockroaches. Edema began to decrease after two days. I never had pain in my eyes, but my knees hurt for the next few days. »

And after ?

“The surgeon removed the upper threads after a week, leaving scars that are invisible since they are hidden in the creases of the eyelids. At fifteen days, I could camouflage the rest of the edema with make-up. The doctor advised me exercises to stimulate the right eyelid, whose mobility was difficult to recover. We met again after one, three, six and twelve months, and he offered me a regular follow-up on WhatsApp with advice and answers to my questions. »

how i feel today

“I’m proud to have conquered my fear and to have dared to do this. My family even told me, “We forgot your eyes were that blue.” This intervention took away this sullen air that did not let me go. And, unbelievably, I no longer have edema in the morning. »

What others say

“Strangely, people think I’ve lost weight. They don’t see the eye operation at all. »

And tomorrow ?

“It’s supposed to last ten years, so we’ll see by then. »

Her doctor’s point of view

“When Émilie came to see me in consultation, she wanted a solution to correct the sad look she had had for years, and her dark circles, which made her look tired. To meet his request, I advised him to have an upper blepharoplasty to remove the excess skin that was falling. For puffiness, a lower blepharoplasty, and for marked dark circles, a lipofilling, that is to say a reinjection of fat taken from the inside of the knees by liposuction. This fat is purified, filtered, then reinjected in small quantities along the ring. For dark circle pigmentation: the only surgical technique to correct the dark appearance is lipofilling with Nanofat. This operation consists of an injection of fat fragmented into microparticles which allows cell regeneration. Émilie was very quickly satisfied, even if it takes a year to see the final result. »

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