Before/after of Catherine, 29 years old, liposuction: “I found my body before pregnancy”

What bothered me

“I’ve always been very comfortable with my body. Sporty in nature, my slim waist and athletic build have never been a problem for me. After my pregnancy followed by a year of exclusive breastfeeding, my body changed drastically from a 38 to a 44 in less than 2 years. I noticed a targeted weight gain on specific areas such as the stomach, lower back or even the double chin. »

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What decided me

“At this somewhat complicated period of my life, I did not have the motivation to resume regular sporting activity. So I opted for cosmetic surgery. My only condition was to find a reassuring surgeon in whom I could have blind confidence. During my first appointment, I had the pleasure of being listened to, understood without judgment and I got a complete feedback on the feasibility of my project with all the details explained with gentleness and kindness. I was decided! »

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“Contrary to what one might think, I was not stressed at all. I was extremely excited. I counted the hours and the days. I was lucky because I went very quickly to the block under general anesthesia. I chose to do liposuction on several areas of my body. When I woke up, I had a sheath from the feet to the arms. I even had a kind of balaclava on my head because I also did my double chin. I couldn’t move and was very bloated. Normally, I had to go out the same day but I had a lot of bleeding so I added an extra night. In fact, the surgeon made mini incisions to be able to pass the liposuction tubes which made me bleed when I woke up. I was scared, but in reality it’s normal. »

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And after ?

“The days that followed, I felt severe to moderate pain. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take painkillers because I was breastfeeding. Otherwise, painkillers calm post-operative pain. The hematomas, painless but quite impressive, remained for almost a month. Three months after the operation, the results were already spectacular. The areas of fat were gone and my body looked much more toned. »

how i feel today

“This operation was a physical and mental rebirth. Before the operation I was 46, directly after 44 and today, two years later, 36. Since then, I have resumed sport daily and I have a very balanced diet without any particular diet. I returned to my old self. I got my pre-pregnancy body back. It’s a bit cliché but on my fridge I had hung a picture of me before. It was really my goal and it was achieved. »

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What others say

“At the beginning, my family did not see this operation in a good light. My sisters were doubtful and my mother was very afraid that I would fall into the cliché of surgery. I also heard remarks like ”it’s a little easy to turn to surgery when you can play sports”, but I didn’t listen to anything. I was determined. Today, their opinions have changed. They understood that my goal was not necessarily to lose weight but more reshape my body. I have a few girlfriends who have inquired about doing the same thing. »

And tomorrow ?

“I’m planning to have breast surgery because my breasts still have the effects of pregnancy and the year of breastfeeding, I don’t know when yet, but one thing is certain: the same surgeon will take care of it!” »

The point of view of his doctor, Dr. Dutot

“Lipoaspiration (or liposuction) is a surgical procedure whose principle is to suck the fat located under the skin using a cannula (a kind of tiny vacuum cleaner). Patients, like Catherine, wish to get rid of recalcitrant fat deposits that remain present despite a healthy lifestyle. This operation is not an intervention which aims to obtain weight loss but above all a sculpture of the silhouette. From the first appointment, it is imperative to know the patient’s background. Does she have any health issues? Does she take medication? Then, you have to get to know the patient: what is her story? How long has she been working on her project? Are their expectations in line with what the intervention can bring as a result? What is his level of psychological suffering? Finally, the most important: a complete physical examination of the areas she wishes to treat. Often women have a very harsh judgment of themselves. Their vision is somewhat distorted. In these cases, surgery is not possible and the patient must be made aware of the distortion of her image in the mirror. »

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