Becoming a Community Manager: the profession and its advantages

The development of the Internet has given rise to new professions that are part of the digital transformation of companies. Among the most popular, we find in particular the profession of Community Manager, also known as web community manager. What do you need to know about this trendy job and the various advantages it offers? We tell you about it in this article.

The job of Community Manager: what is it?

Being a Community Manager means managing the social networks of a company, organization, brand or public figure. In practice, the Community Manager must create, maintain and grow a community around a natural or legal person, a product or service, or simply around a brand. He is often called upon to produce graphic or even audiovisual content for his clients’ social networks, encourage community engagement and respond to comments or private messages.

He must also keep watch, constantly looking for information on the profession of community manager, to keep abreast of new trends. His role is part of a global digital marketing strategy, which aims to increase the income of the company that employs him, by generating sales from the Internet.

What are the benefits of being a Community Manager?

You plan to become community manager? You will no doubt be happy to learn that the profession offers many advantages.

Freedom and flexibility

Most Community Managers are self-employed with a wealthy and diverse clientele. They can work remotely from the comfort of their home with partners located across the globe. Being their own boss, they organize their schedules as they please and can even choose the clients they work with.

Great accessibility

the community manager job is accessible to all, without distinction. There are no barriers to entry and no large investment is required. All you need in addition to a good training is a computer tool and an internet connection. However, you have to like social networks and be rather dynamic.

Personal development

There’s a lot to gain by getting started as a Community Manager, and it’s not just about finances. You win first as a person, in contact with people from all walks of life. This enrichment will lead you to fulfillment and personal development. You will learn a lot from your interactions with the members of the communities for which you will be responsible on an intellectual level, but you will also progress on a character level, particularly with regard to virtues such as openness, patience, self-control, humility, etc.

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