Beauty test: we screened 4 face oils

The most snobby

Launched in 2013 in the United States, where it is the object of a real cult, this oil formulated from twenty-two plants, according to a process kept secret, and which is intended in theory for all skin types (including understood acne), has a smooth enough texture to encourage massage, but does not leave a greasy finish (provided you only put a few drops). It gives a look of good health and luminous complexion, and has a fragrance to die for.

Active Botanical Serum, Vintner’s Daughter at Dover Street Market, in Paris, and at Oh my Cream!, 30 ml, €210.

©Arno Cauchois

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The most luxurious

This treatment is to cosmetics what fine jewelry is to jewellery: a concentrate of know-how and precious ingredients. Extracts of polyfractionated Vanilla planifolia (regenerating) and Swertia (repairing) in high doses are combined with fine vegetal oils. The investment has a cost, but a single drop is enough for the whole face. The texture is gelled, odorless, and melts into the skin in a silky oil.

Intense Repair Oil Concentrate, Sublimage L’Extrait, Chanel, 15 ml, €540.

©Arno Cauchois

The most exotic

Inspired by Balinese rituals, this dry and organic oil is for dull and sensitive skin that needs to be exfoliated, but with the greatest gentleness. This serum mixes papaya and kemiri nut oils, antioxidants and rich in omega, and an exfoliating agent that sweeps away dead cells. Its bonus: a scent of citrus and ylang-ylang that makes you travel instantly.

Precious Eclat Elixir, Cinq Mondes, 15 ml, €59.

©Arno Cauchois

The most glow

From the brand created by model Miranda Kerr, its organic formula, made up of a mixture of oils (musk rose, which it smells like, sea buckthorn, pomegranate, etc.) and plant extracts (noni, lavender, jasmine.) is rich and brings a lot of flexibility. Ideal for dry, fragile skin prone to irritation, even eczema.

Face Oil, Kora Organics at Sephora, 30 ml, €69.90.

©Arno Cauchois

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