Beauty test: we screened 4 body milks

The most technical

As full of “beautiful skin active ingredients” as a face cream, this treatment was developed by two knowledgeable Danes. On the menu: from niacinamide (post-sun anti-hyperpigmentation), antioxidant vitamins A and E, smoothing AHAs, moisturizing plant extracts… All in a gel texture that is quickly absorbed and has no particular fragrance.

©Arno Cauchois

Instant Booster Body Serum, Bodyologist on, 275 ml, €54.

The most generous

The texture of this cream, designed to be used for both hands and body, is creamier and more nourishing than its giant pump bottle would suggest. This also explains why its absorption is not quite instantaneous. But, in the end, the formula reveals a good balance between fluidity (so as not to grease the hands) and smoothness (to hydrate the body well), with, in addition, a delicious fresh and floral fragrance.

©Arno Cauchois

Botanical Hand and Body Cream, Orange Blossom, Manucurist, 500 ml, €39.

The most comfortable

If almost all body milks contain Shea Butter, this one, without a doubt, sets the bar very high with 15%. Enough to nourish and soften the driest crocodile skins. Its texture is fluid, you have to give it a few seconds to penetrate, the time to enjoy its enveloping fragrance.

©Arno Cauchois

Rich Body Lotion, L’Occitane, 200 ml, €29 (from January 4).

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The most anti-aging

This very fluid, unscented texture is, as its name suggests, a serum… for the body. Concentrated in cutting-edge active ingredients, its expert formula, which contains niacinamide (anti-inflammatory, anti-stain and antioxidant) and panthenol (repairing and regenerating), can be used alone or under another treatment – ​​more moisturizing, for example. In fact, a small amount is enough. Absorbed very quickly, it leaves a slightly sticky feeling on the epidermis which fades once superimposed on another treatment and gives way to a silky finish.

©Arno Cauchois

5% Niacinamide Body Serum, Paula’s Choice on, 118 ml, €35.

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