Beauty spot: the Spatiu massage parlor, a perfect relaxation bubble to let go

Published on December 23, 2022 at 1:32 p.m.

Beauty spot: the Spatiu massage parlor, a perfect relaxation bubble to let go

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Our wellness address of the moment? Spatiu, an establishment that combines body and facial massages, yoga classes and tea time. Welcome to the ultimate relaxation bubble.

Nestled in the heart of 4th arrondissement of Paris, Spatiu is the ideal place to feel alone in the world for a moment. This space, which is both a massage parlor and a yoga class, invites you to relax. Upon arrival, Tudor welcomes its customers to the beautifully decorated boutique and takes the time to chat with them to best determine their needs. At Spatiu, there is no question of receiving several people at the same time. Once you walk through the front door, Tudor locks it to make sure you only focus on the person in front of him. It is possible to choose between a Californian massage (relaxation), Japanese massage (invigorating), the Kobido (soothing for the face) and oral massage (plumping). Once the choice is made, head for the basement and its magnificent stone ceiling where you already feel like you are in a cocoon. In the expert hands of Tudor, trained in Bucharest at the Yumeiho Center, we let ourselves go for a relaxing moment, in particular with the Californian massage (tested and approved by the author of these lines). The gestures are powerful but precise and you come out toned, like on a little cloud. The little extra? A very appreciable tea time at the end of the treatment, with natural teas and a small vegan pastry cooked by Tudor himself whose flavors vary according to the seasons. From Monday to Wednesday, the owner of the premises also gives Kundalini yoga classes, a very spiritual form of yoga.


34 Rue des Tournelles, 75004 Paris

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