Beauty samples: merchants can no longer distribute them since July 1

Published on July 05, 2022 at 2:09 p.m.

Beauty samples: merchants can no longer distribute them since July 1.

Beauty samples: merchants can no longer distribute them since July 1. – © Lavsketch Images/500px/Getty Images

A law implemented on July 1 prohibits traders from giving samples without first asking. This approach helps to combat climate change.

Samples will no longer be systematically distributed during your visits to Sephora, Marionnaud, Nocibé… “At the latest on the 1er July 2022, it is prohibited to provide a consumer, without his request, with a sample of a product as part of a commercial approach”, can we read in the text of the law n°2021-1104 of August 22, 2021 on the fight against climate change and strengthening resilience to its effects. Unless the request is made at checkout by a customer, mini perfume bottles or small sachets of cream can no longer be given spontaneously by shop employees. As for the press, samples pasted on advertising pages are not prohibited.

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The difficulty of recycling mini products

If the samples make it possible to test products before buying them in “full-size” – 75% of the 20,000 people questioned as part of a study on the Odore platform have bought or said they were likely to buy tested products in miniature—they above all represent an ecological disaster. In addition to still being produced in plastic for many, these packaging mini are also difficult to recycle. They “do not enter the machines [des entreprises de recyclage] and in their conveyor belts,” as Robyn Watkins, founder of “clean” product development company Holistic Beauty Group, explained to “Byrdie” in April 2021. As a result, they end up in landfills, or even worse, in our oceans.

Apart from their usefulness for testing a product before adopting it, the samples are also used by holidaymakers, as a limit of 100 ml is imposed for liquids in cabin baggage. They are also purchased in mini size, another problematic practice since these bottles are also difficult to recycle. A kinder method for the planet would be to buy reusable travel containers, to be filled with your Solar creamher day creamher shampoo…

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