Beauty Crush: Nu Skin’s new connected device for a facelift

Published on November 11, 2022 at 10:32 am

Beauty Crush: Nu Skin's new connected device for a facelift

Beauty Crush: Nu Skin’s new connected device for a facelift – © Presse

Nu Skin unveils a connected device that will revolutionize your daily skin cleansing. Tested and approved.

We can not emphasize this enough : cleanse your skin well remains the first gesture of a healthy epidermis. And if it is quite possible to use simple foaming products to apply with the fingertips, there are connected devices that turn our skincare routine upside down (in a good way). In recent weeks, Nu Skin’s ageLOC LumiSpa iO has caught our eye. A smart device whose silicone head equipped with a sensor works in duo with a dedicated application: Nu Skin Vera. Thanks to Bluetooth, the two entities exchange in real time for personalized monitoring. And those who don’t have time to take the time can be reassured, once the application has been downloaded and the account created, it takes no more than two minutes, morning and evening, for this device to orchestrate a ritual. tailor-made beauty.

On the menu ? Intelligent coaching allowing us to take our first steps thanks to predefined workshops including explanations and illustrations. There is also advice on choosing one of the three silicone heads according to skin type – to be determined using the “skin consultation” tab – as well as on its use. Indeed, the sensor contained in the silicone head makes it possible to communicate with the application. Thus, between them, they guide our hand. If the gesture is pressed too much, the device stops. This is the sign that it is necessary to exert a softer pressure and to resume ample and slow movements. Ditto if the movements are too fast.
After this first grip, it is possible to create a tailor-made routine according to the needs of our skin. And to optimize our ritual, the app goes even further and advises us on the treatments to combine to introduce into the routine. This technology, coupled with the products, promises effective cleaning. At stake ? Clean skin, favored cell renewal, reduced appearance of pores, smooth epidermis and guaranteed radiance. Results that we can contemplate thanks to what the brand calls the timeline of selfies. The goal ? Take a photograph of his face once a week. Over time, the app compares the shots so that we can see the evolution of the skin.

Last little detail: after programming our tailor-made routines, the device can work alone, in other words without connecting to the application, especially if you want to use it in the shower! It’s all good.

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