Beauty crackers: all the ideas for beauty gifts in twists

Updated on November 22, 2022 at 4:29 p.m.

15 beauty crackers to offer for Christmas – © Presse

For several years at Christmas, the trend has been for beauty crackers. These ultra-cute mini-gifts invite themselves under our Christmas tree. To the delight of beauty addicts, these little surprise wrappers are available in a 100% beauty version.

3 good reasons to fall for beauty crackers

Because it’s original… The tradition of crackers, also called Christmas Cracker, comes to us from England. At the time, crackers were opened according to a specific ritual. Once seated, each guest had to pull the handle of his own cracker and that of his neighbour. Whoever cracked the foil won its contents. Even today, the tradition continues.

Because it’s affordable… A real star of the end-of-year celebrations, crackers are the christmas beauty gift ideal for discovering new products in mini version and especially at low prices. Pleasing without breaking the bank has never been so easy. A last minute gift idea? These little surprise casseroles will make the difference to the lucky one.

Because there is something for everyone… Many brands offer to put their iconic products in these little surprise boxes. Makeup, perfumes, treatments, decoration or even food… There is something for everyone. There is no doubt that their pretty colorful packaging in the shape of delicious candies will invade Santa’s basket!

A 100% beauty surprise box for Christmas

Will the beauty crackers dethrone the beauty boxes ? This year again, our favorite brands are betting everything on these little surprise boxes. On the program, make-up galore with mini-lipsticks, mascara and even eyeshadow. Care, do you want some here, like hand creams, lip balms and even scrubs. The icing on the cake, the flavors also invade these cardboard wrappers for the end-of-year celebrations. The hardest thing will be to choose !

Where to buy beauty crackers for Christmas? : discover our selection to offer or receive

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