Beauty coaching: the easiest make-up for the holidays

There are makeups to avoid when you are a beginner. Let it be said, the new year is definitely not the right night to try a smoky, a gradient of eyeshadow or even a line of liner if you have never succeeded. Similarly, for the complexion, it is better to skip complex techniques such as contouring. Julia Knafo, Lead Trainer at Bobbi Brown, gives us an example of makeup to achieve this wow effect very easily.

The complexion

After moisturizing your skin, apply your daily foundation. It can be matte or glowy depending on the skin type and the desired effect. For an evening, we still recommend a long-lasting product that will avoid shine. The idea is that it is always better to put too little than too much. We apply it with the finger on our whole face for a unified and worked effect, or only on redness and imperfections for a more natural result.
“We always apply concealer so that the eye makeup is clean,” says the expert. Especially in this intense period of the end of the year…” We put some by tapping under the eyes to camouflage the said dark circles but also on the inner corner of the eye where we can have redness. Be careful not to choose a concealer that is too light or too dark because the demarcation will necessarily be visible. It should be the same color as the foundation or a half tone lighter.
For the blush, whether cream or powder, it is chosen in pink tones to give this good-looking effect. We smile and apply it at the top of the cheekbones outwards.

The eyes

The easiest make-up to achieve is often done using 2-in-1 products: care and make-up. Less pigmented, they are easier to use and, above all, much less risky.
If you want intense eye makeup, opt for a cream eye shadow. This texture is very easy to apply, with the finger. Our pro advises to bet on satin colors but not glitter. Something to give light without putting glitter all over her face. The shade that suits everyone? Bobbi Brown’s “Golden Bronze”, an eye shadow that is easy to apply because it comes in a stick. Julia Knafo recommends light tones rather than dark if you are new to make-up. On the other hand, you can use a darker shadow only on the edge of the eyelashes to intensify the look. Finish with a coat of volumizing mascara. You work on your eyebrows as you do every day: with a gel, a pencil or by simply brushing them. The idea is always to take a minimum of risks.

The mouth

Marilyn Monroe and Taylor Swift won’t tell us otherwise: for a glamorous mouth on a party night, red is a safe bet. Depending on the intensity you want, you can take a semi-matte red lipstick and apply it with your finger (pressing on the lips), or grab a tinted balm and apply it directly without error. If you choose the first option, the excess color that remains on the finger can even be applied to the cheekbones as a blush! So, ready to get started?

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