Beauty coaching: should I wash my hair after a day of swimming?

The summer period is in full swing, the sun is shining and the mercury is at its peak. So to bring the temperature down, what better than to allow yourself a few days at sea or a moment of decompression by the pool? And if we know that the sun’s rays can be aggressive for our hair (as well as for our skin), sea salt and chlorine from the swimming pool, too, are aggressive factors and can have an impact on the beauty and health of our hair. So what can we do to protect our hair from these seasonal attacks? Do you have to wash them after each swim? Gianni Coppa, hairdresser and founder of the salon R’Factory in Paris, gives us the answer and her advice for a quality summer haircare routine, to follow when swimming is recurrent.

Chlorine, salt… the enemies of our hair in summer?

There is no point in casting doubt: “it is imperative to wash your hair after each day of swimming”, indicates Gianni Coppa. And if this goes against what is said throughout the year, namely that shampoos must be spaced out by a few days to prevent them from re-greasing too quickly, in the summer period, the trend changes. And for good reason, chlorine and salt – not to mention UV rays, sand and wind – weaken our hair fiber, especially that of hair. dry hair and colorful. And if ideally, it would be better not to get our lengths wet when swimming in the sea or in the pool, how can we resist when the heat becomes exhausting (and the little fish that lies dormant in us wakes up)? So if our hair has taken on water, all you have to do is adapt your hair care routine to the season.

The ideal summer haircare routine

When it’s time for the shower, the first thing to do is to “rinse our hair with lukewarm water for several seconds,” says the expert. The goal ? Properly dispose of residues accumulated during the day. But beware, this important step is not enough. Indeed, it is then necessary to proceed to the step of the shampoo to repeat twice for an ultra-clean hair. As for the gestures, “we take care to massage the scalp well to revive microcirculation and above all to rinse well before going on to condition”. Finally, the expert advises the adoption of “a leave-in treatment with moisturizing and restructuring properties to nourish the hair fiber, regenerate keratin and reform its protective film often altered by summer external aggressions”. Then brush the hair to evenly distribute the care.

As far as the choice of products is concerned, while it is quite possible to turn to a nourishing and restorative routine, there are also post-sun routines including treatments specifically designed for exposed hair, such as at Phytodess or Kérastase. .

A few more pro tips?

First tip. When you get to the treatment stage (and to increase its action tenfold), the expert advises adopting “the bun haircare, in other words a bun with the leave-in treatment so that it acts longer and in depth on the hair “. A very elegant wet hair effect for a summer evening for example.

Second tip. When the drying stage arrives, “it is preferable to favor the open air so as not to attack the hair fiber with the heat. If drying is essential, don’t forget to use a thermal protective care “.

Third tip (and not least). “We must not forget the protective sun spray for hair before any exposure, indicates the expert. To be sprayed all over the head a few minutes before going into the sun, these sprays waterproof the hair fiber and protect it from the aggressions of the sun’s UV rays – such as Solar cream for the skin – for optimal protection. And to further preserve the hair during the summer, we think of putting on a hat, a bucket hat (very fashionable this season) or even a headband.

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