Beauty coaching: how to wear thin eyebrows in 2022?

Who would have bet on the return of thin eyebrows? Long shunned and considered old-fashioned, they are back to the delight of women who adopted the trend in the 90s. No moreadvent of the thick eyebrow à la Cara Delevingne, the fashion houses – Versace in mind – have formalized the return of the refined eyebrow. Marianne Lecoq, eyebrow trainer and expert at Benefit Cosmetics, reminds us of the glory days of this trend: “This eyebrow first appeared in the 1920s, extremely thin and rounded à la Édith Piaf or Joséphine Baker. It then returned less fine and more drawn in the 90s, whether in films or in parades. We saw it in particular on top models like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer… Today, it is making a comeback! Why ? Because Gen Z is obsessed with the 90s-2000s. In the same way that the tousled bun and low-rise jeans are coming back into fashion, today’s young girls are copying the eyebrows of the nineties. On TikTok, there is even a filter that makes eyebrows ultra-thin. »

A fine eyebrow yes, but modern

From Rihanna on the magazine cover to Bella Hadid on the catwalks, the stars who inspire us adopt this new eyebrow. But is it doing the same in 2022? The answer is no according to the make-up artist. “Even if it is inspired by the 90s, the thin eyebrow is worn today in a more current version. It is called the skinny brow or ultra-slim eyebrow in French. The main modern touch being that it stays thicker at the head of the eyebrow. It gives a more natural side. The goal is to refine the line but only from the arc to the end of the eyebrows. It can still be used in make-up with light textures such as pencils with ultra-fine leads to fill in sparse areas without marking too much or with a transparent mascara. What is trendy is to add a touch of light under the eyebrow, either with an illuminator or with a concealer a little lighter than your skin tone. For this result, I like to use the Benefit Boi-ing Bright On Concealer which combines the two. »

The skinny brow has the advantage of being very easy to wear. It opens the eye and is suitable for everyone as long as its natural shape is respected (whether it is straight, round, arched, etc.). Only warning from our pro? Do not abuse hair removal. “I recommend using tweezers, which are less dangerous than wax. It should also be remembered that the eyebrow takes a long time to grow back so it is better to go slowly or better, go to an institute. Also, adopting a very thin eyebrow tends to age so the ideal is to maintain a fairly thick shape over time. ” To remember !

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